Is coconut oil a superfood?

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Coconut oil has been a pretty controversial food recently. It’s often praised as a healthy superfood but its high saturated fat content (86%, much higher than butter at 51%) means that official dietary guidelines have in the past warned about its dangers for cholesterol and heart health.

That’s why Dr. Michael Mosely decided to help run a trial as part of a BBC2 documentary to find out the effects of butter, olive oil and coconut oil on cholesterol.

The big surprise was the coconut oil. Not only was there no rise in LDL levels, which was what we were expecting, but there was a particularly large rise in HDL, the “good” cholesterol, up by 15%.

On the face of it that would suggest that the people consuming the coconut oil had actually reduced their risk of developing heart disease or stroke.

Read the full article here:

BBC News: Is coconut oil a superfood?

Clearly, this is just a small experiment, and they did not measure clinical outcomes proving reduced cardiovascular events. However the results line up with modern reviews of all the science.

Dr. Mosley says that to label coconut oil as a superfood would be premature, but that there certainly doesn’t seem to be any reason to stop eating it. That sounds about right.

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  1. Sonia Ramos
    Am eating coconut oil. But now with this info am scare to keep eating it
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  2. Gary Dean Hall
    I have been taking for years. .I think everyone has an opinion of coconut oil. .It's like nose hairs...
  3. Sean
    I’ve started adding a tbsp of coconut oil to my morning coffee while doing Keto. It is delicious and helps me feel more satiated :)
  4. Sheryl Mccarthy
    I'm not sure what the other 2 reviewers "Read!" But Coconut oil loweres your bad cholesterol and raises your good. It battles inflammation! Helps with auto immune diseases. The list of good goes on and on.....
    Also the fat content does not get stored as fat it gets burned for energy. Just don't over eat like in most cases and you won't have a problem with weight gain. It also keeps you feeling full. Im a huge advocate for coconut oil. I use it on my face every day. I use it for my moisturizer. And my skin glows!!?
  5. Missylynn
    Why are you scared? They are saying it reduces bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol. Why would that scar you?
  6. Jocelyn Johnson
    My cousin and I have been looking it up for days and we're starting to put it in our tea. I already place it on my skin I mix it with my lotion but I feel that ingesting it is going to even be better.
  7. marissa whatelely
    Not sure why I am different but I found my cholesterol LDL went way up when I started using coconut oil instead of other oils. I took it out of my diet completely and my doctor retested my cholesterol 3 months later and my LDL was much much lower again. Taking out the oil was the only change I made. I wonder why my results were different using the oil?
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  8. ICha Pamari
    People need to understand, thus is ne raquet science here...If something works, in a glabal levels. The FDA is nit happy about it...
    Just think about it, for a mbt.
    If they cured everyone's, hiw they're going to make so much $$$$$$$...
    Huh!! Be your own ambassador.
    See Dr's, when you have to, but take charge, of your own health.
  9. Peter Phelps
    Suggest you visit

    This guy has done some very revealing experiments on cholesterol and has shown (I won't quite say proven just yet) that cholesterol only reflects what you have eaten and most importantly the amount you have eaten in the 3 days prior to the blood test.

    Another fact that has been shown and occurred with me is that when you start a keto diet and ARE LOSING WEIGHT, your LDL will increase sometimes quite dramatically. This is simply your body burning off excess fat as you shed weight and is a good thing. Once you stabilise your weight your LDL will drop and your doctor will be delighted with your numbers.

  10. Linda M
    I use the cocount oil in my coffee every morning and my HDL went up 15 points when I had blood work done. My LDL came down about 40 points but was still high per the guidelines. The lowest my LDL has ever been was 201 after being on 80mg Lipitor for years. The side effects of that high dose of Lipitor was killing me. Now I take 10mg Lipitor and cholesterol is in the 200's but I physically feel better.
  11. Keith S

    Am eating coconut oil. But now with this info am scare to keep eating it

    This shouldn't scare anyone. In fact, it's quite encouraging to go ahead consume it.

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