“Don’t believe the American Heart Assn.” — butter, steak and coconut oil won’t kill you


Should you still avoid saturated fat, like the American Heart Association stated in their most recent presidential advisory?

Nina Teicholz carefully went through the science in support of this statement. So what did she find? Well, it seems like the AHA might need a bit of a reality check:

With a cardiologist, I went through the nuts and bolts of the AHA paper, and came to this conclusion: It was likely driven less by sound science than by longstanding bias, commercial interests and the AHA’s need to reaffirm nearly 70 years of its “heart healthy” advice.

Los Angeles Times: Don’t believe the American Heart Assn. — Butter, Steak and Coconut Oil Aren’t Likely to Kill You

See also the chart below – most recent scientific reviews find zero reason to fear natural saturated fats.

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Nina Teicholz

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  1. Carol
    Oh my. By the comments in the LA times in response to Nina's article, we have a long way to go to convince the unbelievers.

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