‘Within ten days on the keto diet, I started feeling light’


Udai had black eczema patches, trouble sleeping, and was often too tired to play with his kids. He was shocked to find his neighbor totally transform himself and had to know how he had done it.

Udai decided to give the keto diet a try and had amazing results. He went from 231 pounds (105 kilos) to 160 pounds (73 kilos) in just three months! Read his story:

Udai’s story

I was shocked when I saw my neighbor who had totally transformed himself by losing weight and dropping many sizes, and when I asked him what his secret was, he referred to the ‘keto diet.’ Not knowing what the diet was all about, I started my research. My biggest challenge was being vegetarian (no eggs either), which limited me to only a few recipes.

My main job requires sitting in an office all day, and I never enjoyed playing with my kids as I would get tired very soon. My sleep was very poor, and I was restless. I had eczema black patches on my legs. I was not active and would take long naps over the weekends. I also had shortness of breath.

While I continued researching and learning about keto, I found Diet Doctor’s website and videos, and I would watch them repeatedly. I was highly impressed at how they explain the concept of intermittent fasting and how the body runs on “clean” fuel when you’re in ketosis.

Within ten days of starting the keto diet, I started feeling light, and I was motivated to see the number on the scale going down. My energy level increased. My sleep got better day by day, and remember I mentioned I had eczema black patches…? they are gone… yes, there are no scars at all.

You can find many resources on the internet but having the right discipline and following it honestly is the key. Losing pounds every week kept me highly motivated.

The videos are so simple, short, and scientific that anybody can easily understand and apply them. I also followed recipe channels to get ideas, and today I am three months running on clean fuel and don’t crave sugar at all.

My waist size dropped from 40 inches (102 cm) to 32 inches (81 cm). I had to redo my clothes wardrobe, and I was happy spending money on new clothes which I enjoy wearing now, all while still losing pounds.

My skin has improved so much that people are straight-up telling me that I look 15 years younger – thanks to the Diet Doctor website.

I have inspired so many people around me, bringing so much positive energy everywhere.

I highly recommend all my family and friends to listen to and follow Diet Doctor.

Udai’s favorite health foods

  • zucchini
  • cauliflower
  • okra
  • spinach


Congrats on your amazing transformation, Udai! I love how your neighbor inspired you, and now you have the role of inspiring others. Keep up the great work!

/ Dr. Bret Scher


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