“I will never go back to the lifestyle and diet that I had”


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Is it possible to lose 60 pounds (27 kilos) in just a few months, getting back to the weight of your youth? Here’s how Rog managed to do just that:

The email


I am a 58-year old male living in New Zealand. In February this year I was about 120 kg (265 lbs), not feeling great at all and made a decision to sort it out. I searched for effective natural weight loss and found your website and started to investigate.

I went for it – started dropping any processed carbs from my diet and started a 16-hr fasting practice. Three weeks later I adopted a 20-hr fasting diet and measuring the amounts of carbs and protein I was eating. Its now July 5th and the last measurement of my weight, which I do every Sunday morning was 92.7 kg (204 lbs) – so that is -27.3 kg (60 lbs).

I haven’t been this weight since my early 20’s and plan to get to my goal weight of 85 kg (187 lbs) about the end of this month. I bought a blood ketone and glucose test kit and have been keeping records – attached is a picture of the results.

Screenshot 2017-07-05 09.56.05

I would strongly recommend this as a method of progress tracking.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time and have done a lot of research into the diet. I will never go back to the lifestyle and diet that I had and look forward to high levels of energy and mental clarity that I haven’t experienced since my university days.

Also attached is the results of my blood lipids over this time and before which I am happy to share. And – I haven’t done any additional exercise than normal yet – that is stage 2 :)

Screenshot 2017-07-05 09.57.50

Thank you so much for creating this learning platform and I look forward to meeting you sometime at a conference somewhere soon.


Rog Peters
New Zealand


Thank you for sharing your story, Rog!

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