Weight-loss tip: Avoid artificial sweeteners


Have you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight this year? We’ll repeat our best weight-loss tips during the beginning of the year. Like this:

Is it a great idea to swap your sugary drinks for diet alternatives, with artificial sweeteners, when attempting to eat fewer calories and lose weight? Not necessarily.

It sounds reasonable, but it does not work all that well. Even artificial sweeteners tend to increase the urge to eat, and maintain sugar cravings (not something you want if you want to shed some pounds).

Does it sound overwhelming to quit not only added sugars, but also artificial sweeteners? This is mostly a temporary issue. You’ll likely soon feel satisfied with the natural sweetness of food if you stick with LCHF and avoid unnaturally sweet processed foods. Your taste buds will soon adapt. Unless you’re really addicted to sweet foods, then it can require much more effort to break free.

Learn more about the benefits of skipping artificial sweeteners here:

How to lose weight #9: Avoid artificial sweeteners


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  1. Carla
    I have lost 31 pounds on diet doctor (BMI from 28.5 to 24.9) without quitting my Diet Pepsi! I drink it for the caffeine!
  2. Jessica
    I have looked but haven't found any solid evidence that aspartame, stevia or sucralose raise glucose or insulin. I can't see any reason to eliminate them totally. I loose well on LCHF with artificial sweeteners. I feel it helps make LCHF more sustainable for me. Please let me know if you have any solid evidence that they inhibit ketosis or weight loss.

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