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Have you too been successful on a lower-carb diet? Have you lost weight or improved your health? Do you wish that you had known what you now know, earlier? Would it have saved you years of misery?

If so, perhaps you want to share your story so that others can benefit from it? So that they can be inspired by what you have achieved?

Note that we’re not only looking for final fantastic results. Early stories and stories of every kind of struggle are also most welcome.

If you want to share like the people below, there’s a fairly simple way.


What to do

Just email me your story at

Include whatever you like. Here’s a simple suggestion, please feel free to make changes. If you only want to write three sentences that’s just fine too!

1. Your story:

  • What was your life like before?
  • What happened that changed things?
  • What is your life like now?
  • What was your biggest challenge and how did you approach it?
  • What do you wish you had known when you started?

2. Pictures are great for making your journey concrete. Before and after images are often fantastic. If you have a friend who enjoys taking pictures perhaps you can ask him or her to take a really nice picture of you? Selfies are also possible to use, of course.

3. Please let me know if it’s ok to share your name or if you prefer to be anonymous. Also feel free to share any links you’d like people to find you at, like Facebook, Instagram or to a blog.

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  1. Maria Carrillo
    I need help in making an eating plan.
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  2. Bill
    Maria, I have had some success on this diet. I'll share what I eat, but if you don't like this type of food, it may give you an idea of what you can do.

    I used to eat a fast food breakfast, like a sausage egg and cheese croissant, hash browns and a soda or coffee. Now I have an omelet with bacon and red onions (no bread, no potatoes and no soda). I drink black coffee.
    I used to have a hamburger, fries and a coke or tea for lunch. Sometimes chicken strips, you probably get the idea. Now I make a salad with mixed greens, peas, cheese, red onions, sun flower seeds with ranch dressing and I get grilled chicken (about 3 oz). I drink water.
    I have a snack around 3:30 PM that is usually some type of mozzarella cheese and some cherry tomatoes (like a caprese salad).
    For dinner I eat a piece of meat (chicken, steak, pork or fish). Cooked and seasoned really well. I'll also include a small side salad here or a caprese salad. Drink Water.
    Then I have a snack at about 7 pm that is a cinnamon and raisin English muffin well toasted (crunchy) with some butter. I also will sometimes have a small glass of red with it.

    I have lost 22 lbs in 8 weeks (I'm a guy and went from busting out of my 38" pants to having my 36" pants really loos on me). My daily calories with all this food is still around 1600. I do exercise, but not real hard. I walk after lunch for 30 minutes.
    I hope this helps you out.

  3. Hi Maria!

    Why not try our two week challenge? :)

    I need help in making an eating plan.

  4. Victoria
    What about stories that are not "successes" .... I was not overweight, got diagnosed with T2. I have been on LCHF for about 3 years; my levels are still not normal. They are not overly high but then they were not to begin with (start of 158 mornings now 119 mornings). I have tried fasting, very strict ketogenic ... everything but no change.
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  5. Lucille Laird
    Victoria, I am T2 as well. I find that if I exceed my protein requirement that my blood sugar readings are higher the next morning. Once I figured out my macros and measured everything I got much better control. my A1C has gone from 5.7 (US) to 5.4 over the past six months. Most mornings my blood sugar readings are between 80 & 90. I've lost 42 pounds this year (not bad for a 68 year old diabetic), I have become very comfortable with the Keto lifestyle. I have more energy, clarity of thinking, itchy skin problems disappeared, and regularity of digestive processes are all win-win for me. I do hope you find success too.
  6. Margaret
    I know I am taking a risk in saying this publicly, but I believe we have been deceived in more than just diet over the past 30 years. I have been a nurse since 1979 and have seen the labs get changed to lower and lower rates since then. I tend to believe this is so they can sell us more drugs. This goes for fasting blood sugars, cholesterol, blood pressure, and so on.
    Initially we viewed normal fasting blood sugar as 80-120. Then it was changed to 74 to 114. And now lab reports say that “normal” must be below 100.
    I’ve had T2D for about 5 years now, am overweight, and found that neither Metformin or Glipizide really helped to lower my blood sugars significantly. Last summer I was under a lot of stress, traveling (on a sabbatical) and unable to monitor my diet, and was running 200-250 for my fasting blood sugar – on Metformin! But in mid-September I discovered the LCHF diet, quit taking the Metformin, and my blood sugars have averaged about 130 from that point! (I have also lost 23# since then.)
    You need to look more at your HbA1c. It’s more accurate. Mine was 7.5 in October and within another month on LCHF had dropped to 5.4! When I used the formula to figure my average blood sugar based upon the A1c, my average blood sugar is now 108. So if you are eating low carb and are not overweight, I would wonder if you are now at what is normal for you!
  7. Pat
    i put the clip on youtube if you want to share with anyone
  8. Alin

    My name is Alin, and I have been on the LCHF program for almost 4 months (02.06.2016 - 20.12.2016)
    The reason a begun the diet is because at a routine medical check i did an abdominal ecograph and was told dat i have a non-alcoholic fatty liver (steatosis), and a possible gilbert syndrome (my total bilirubin was 1.77 mg/dl), as well the many health related benefits, described on your site.
    Apart from that, i can say i am generally healthy.

    Before i started the LCHF program:

    Age - 28 years
    Height - 180 cm
    Weight - 80 kg

    TGP(ALT) - 21 U/L
    TGO(AST) - 30 U/L
    Colesterol total - 152 mg/dl
    HDL colesterol - 62 mg/dl
    LDL colesterol - 91 mg/dl
    Triglycerides - 53 mg/dl
    Creatinine serum - 0.93/dl
    Bilirubin total - 1.77 mg/dl
    Glucose - 81 mg/dl

    After LCHF (16.12.2016)

    Weight - 77 kg (3 kg lost in the first week)

    TGP(ALT) - 56 U/L
    TGO(AST) - 43 U/L
    Colesterol total - 240 mg/dl
    HDL colesterol - 81.8 mg/dl
    LDL colesterol - 140.8 mg/dl
    Triglycerides - 87 mg/dl
    Creatinine serum - 1.43 mg/dl
    Bilirubin total - 2.31 mg/dl
    Glucose - 108 mg/dl

    On the diet this values got worse, my face was burning from time to time an got all red.
    Other problems i encountered, but expected, wore constipation and muscle cramps (especially on my calves in the morning), but i managed them as best that i could with an increase intake of salt and fiber (psyllium husks), and water.

    The good thing that i found during the diet is that i felt lighter (on a normal carb diet i always felt bloated, horrible), not hungry, and surprisingly energetic, it felt good (aside from the burning face)

    For the moment i have quit the diet on my doctor advice, and i am now trying to understand where i got it wrong.

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  9. Yvette
    I'm Yvette
    And I just have a few things to say !
    I have IBS with diarrhea and this diet has changed my stomach so far for the better !!!! It's calmed it quite a bit !!' No bloating no gas or. It as much , just a bit ! But not what it was like before ! And I have lost 9 pounds in three weeks and several inches ! Also I have experienced the rash !!! First on my tummy
    Now in my back and it gets itchy from time to time ! But I'm dealing with it !
  10. Brenda
    My name is Brenda and I will be sharing my story here soon.I have gone from a size 28 to a size 6, starting weight was 310 lbs to now 159 lbs
  11. Christie
    just started December 1st 2016. I am 52 and already in menopause.. Starting weight 380#, I have lost 40# in 3 months and am eating WAY more calories than I should. I miss a lot of the foods I love, but keep going back to the scale to help keep my will power up. Even with a slip up Egg McMuffin or Quarter pounder with cheese (NO top bun) once or twice....I have not been derailed.
    I am a T2D for 10 years and have always been fat, even as a child. Last year I started to have respiratory problems and was in the Emergency room twice with difficulty breathing. I do have a fatty liver and the Apple body shape....BIG gut and chest....relatively lean legs.
    I do not keep track of my calories or even my proper percentages (fat, protein, etc). I just read labels and stay away from potatoes and flour and rice and pasta and fruits (occasional blue berrys). I try to stay below 20 grams of carbs per day, (Most days are closer to 10) and hardly ever go over 40 (only on a cheat day). I have not increased my exercise *yet and see this as new hope. I am very surprised how versatile cauliflower really is.
  12. Fernando
    Mi esposa esta en #lchf por decisión personal, se inyectaba 2 veces al dia y a pocos dias de iniciar dieta elimino la insulina de la noche, solo lo hace en las mañanas 60mg lenta. En un mes ha perdido 4 kilos, pero sufre dolores de cabeza en la noche y le viene fatiga. Solo toma agua y sigue descansando hasta el desayuno.
  13. Helen
    I am 69 year old female. Have just done two week challenge but only lost 1.5 kilos first week and nothing second week. Followed it exactly. Has this happened with others?
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  14. Shane
    I have a question over your comment: You have been diagnosed with 'possible' Gilberts Syndrome? Did your GP say just what 'possible' meant, and did he send you for a liver function test? Did you ask your GP whether LCHF was going to have any adverse effect on you BEFORE you embarked on it?
    I run a weight loss group running on Ketogenic principles. If you had come along to me telling me that, I would have sent you straight back to the GP for clarification.
    Don't know what progress you've made since you left your comment in January, but would be interested if you've been back to the GP (Doctor) since and what he has said.
    This is why I insist on people coming to my group completing a medical questionnaire so issues like this are shown up BEFORE they start out on Keto/LCHF.
  15. Mayte Silvan
    Hello!. Finally I encourage writing, because for me it is difficult not to speak English and depend on a translator, (this is how I read all his articles, although I can not follow the videos). After a long terminal illness of my husband, menopause and having stopped smoking, I had gained in the last five years a total of 20 kg. In August 2016 I started this new way to feed LCHF after meeting you on the internet. Now, in April 2017, almost 7 months later, I have lost 12 kg, and I continue in LCHF, because for me, it is a way of life, not a diet to do some time, and because, in addition, I want to keep thinning until I get there To a weight that is closer to the one you had before. Now comes the explanation of why I dare to write: I have always had an analytics of what are known as "book", that is, perfect, as almost all my environment criticizes me for following this diet, including my head doctor, The other day I asked him to ask me for some analysis, including the omega 3 index, which would not be my surprise, when picking up the resusltados oil: Glucose-118; Uric acid- 7.9, Cholesterol-207, as well as ions also slightly altered. I had never had these figures! Now I do not know what to do, because I worry (just a little) uric acid and glucose, is this normal ?, and also I worry (just a little), what will say of this diet, which I ponder, My doctor Of course I will not change my diet at the moment, unless they keep raising these two parameters and either dangerous, can you give me a reasonable explanation ?, I expect your answer. Thank you very much for the altruistic work you do. Mayte Silvan
  16. Lassie
    Helen, I did this LCHF three years ago and lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks. I am now post menopausal and started LCHF again and have lost a measly 4 lbs in three weeks. Bummer.

    I remember how this plan worked for me before so I am sticking to it. I am following plan as it's not hard. I also fasting 7 pm to 11 am every day, only eat when I am hungry and eat right. Weight loss is so slow. So slow.

  17. Simon
    I was diagnosed with T2D at the end of Feb 2017. I weighed 79kg, my Hba1c was 7.5 and fasting blood sugar level was 12.5 which was high. I have had blood pressure around 140/90 for years and I was taking statins for cholesterol so the full metabolic syndrome. After 6 weeks on LCHF my weight is 70kg, my bp is below 120/80 I have come off statins and still have good cholesterol levels and my fasting BSL is between 6-6.5. I feel tons better though I can't yet shift my BSL below 6. It is early days yet, though. I have started doing a brisk 30 min walk a day and use the rowing machine 3 times a week. I am now slowly introducing the Friday Fast into my routine. I do meditation each day too. I have found my mental health has benefitted a great deal too.
    I have found the Apple health app fantastic (I don't work for them!) in keeping track of my vital stats. Good luck to everyone else who is also on this journey. It can be hard work at times and we need to hear words of encouragement.

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