“This is a lifestyle and I embrace it for life!”


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Marie had struggled with her weight and sugar addiction her entire life. Here’s her story about what happened when she found low-carb and quickly lost 66 pounds (30 kg):

The Email

Hi Andreas!

I hope this is the right email address for success stories. Here’s mine.

All my adult life I’ve oscillated between being “plump” and downright fat. Being obese takes a toll on self-esteem, body and life. Before my third and last child I tried LCHF with very good results, but during pregnancy fatty foods made me sick and so all the pounds I had lost piled up on me again, and not only because of the growing body inside me.

Last spring, May 1st to be exact, my new life began. I’m so very happy that I took control again and that you’re here with all this inspiration.

I follow your site and then another site for recipes. I have bought some cookbooks but I don’t need much more than your tips and advice.

Since May 1st I’ve lost 66 pounds (30 kg). Without any effort. I don’t have ANY sugar cravings. I, who would pick a fight with my husband if we ran out of candy? Slowly but surely, I’m starting LCHF on my children even though I’m far from there yet. When it comes to myself I’m very strict with very few exceptions and the exceptions I make are planned choices. I feel so much better – body, soul and self-esteem.

I have a few pounds left to lose, maybe, it depends on what my body wants. Exercise is now more natural and I measure rather than weigh myself. My waist circumference is finally fine! I’m not obese and I’m so very happy. Life IS easier when you’re lighter. This is a lifestyle, and I welcome it forever!

Sincerely Marie Niklazzon


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