Yet another diabetes reversal


Kathy was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but did not fill the prescriptions for diabetes drugs nor did she take the advice from the diabetes educator.

Here’s what she did instead, with spectacular results:

The Email


Here’s my success story… I was diagnosed in February 2015 with an A1c of 12.7 and was promptly given prescriptions for medications and advice/information provided by the diabetes educator regarding the American Diabetes Association diet.

I did not fill the prescriptions or take the “advice” and instead followed a very low carb/high fat diet, under 20 grams, no sugars, fruits, grains or starches.

Within five months my A1c was 5.7, my triglycerides reduced by half and are now below 100, my HDL up to 62 and cholesterol remained about the same, average. My blood pressure averages 100/60 and all other health markers are within normal limits. And….I lost 30 pounds!

Kathy Atwood


Congratulations on reversing your diabetes, Kathy!

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  1. Vicente
    Congratulations Kathy!

    And thank you for sharing your success story (and thank you also to dietdoctor). Since our health practitioners are hiding this information from their patients, the only way we have to defend ourselves from their malpractice is to share our experiences, what you have done.

    My mother had her blood glucose in prediabetic range and the same happened with my father's HbA1c. My parents are following now a LCHF diet to keep their blood glucose in normal range.

    We have to go on sharing our stories so other people can learn from them.

  2. chris c

    You should post this on the ADA Forum. Seriously. It has been full of similar success stories for well over a decade now. Maybe one day someone on their staff will notice.

  3. Elena
    Chris C, are you kidding? :) People like Kathy and your parents are destroying their cushy business. Compare profits from your doctor telling you to stop eating carbs (and you will most likely not be needing to see your doctor anymore) vs. your doctor prescribing you metformin, then insulin, plus blood pressure meds, plus cholesterol lowering drugs (all of it for life), plus regular consultations with nutritionists who would tell you that you are not really following their advice, plus further down the road additional business for ophthalmologists, surgeons (most likely limbs will be lost), cardiologists, neurologists, etc.
    Replies: #4, #6
  4. Vicente
    Hi Elena,
    my mother's fasting blood glucose was 133 mg/dL (7.4 mmol/L) when she was diagnosed with pre-diabetes (i.e. diabetes). The general practitioner told her she need a pill to control her glucose.

    That was 6 months ago. Her latest fasting bloog glucose is from one month ago: 88 mg/dl (4.9 mmol/L). She is using no medication. She just changed her diet to LCHF.

    My advice for her wasn't sponsored by big pharma.

  5. chris c
    Oh I know, I was being semi-sarcastic! Actually when John Buse was in charge back in 2008 they decided that low carb diets could be recommended for weight loss, not BG control, as long as they were no lower than 135g carbs/day and were not followed for more than a year.

    That was enough for some of their biggest and oldest sponsors to pull their money.

    John Buse went away and they haven't tried it again since.

    Around the same time, this happened

  6. Tamarah
    Good for you Kathy for taking matters into your own hands and not submitting to drugs prescribed by a Doctor who just wants to treat the Symptom and not cure the disease as well as support the American drug companies because they bring him free lunches to promote their drugs .

    Again,, good for you for saving your own life . keep us posted


  7. Hussam
    I was diagnosed with T2 diabties 3 months ago with 11.9 A1C. I followed LC diet , I lost 13 Kg and my A1c is 6.4 now and all CBC is normal.
    Is that mean I have reversed my diabties and i can back to normal life???????

    Please tell me


    Reply: #9
  8. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor

    Congratulations with your results!

    To your question: That depends on what you mean by going "back to normal life". If you start eating bad foods again your A1c will most likely increase and so will your weight.

  9. Hussam
    Thanks a lot Bjarte
  10. Angie
    GREAT WORK kATHY! I to have been on the LCHF way of healthy eating and love it. I have been on this for about 31 weeks and have lost 58 pounds. I feel great, I have more energy than I have had in a long while. I also am a diabetic and have been taken off all of my medications but one, which is thyroid medicine. I have stopped listening to my doctor and stopped taking their advice, because we are our own best doctors. I refuse to give in to them and their drug companies. My last labs were all great too. I will continue on the adventure and will be pump free very soon. THANK YOU DIET DOCTOR! Love the recipes especially the fat head pizza.
  11. Sharon
    April 2, 2017
    Awesome Job to all of you! I started LCHF in September of last year and have since lost 30 lbs and quite a few inches. I started with an A1C of 9 and triglycerides over 100. My HDL was to low and was on 2 metformin, 1 trajenta and a sleep aid. Also an antidepressant for anxiety. I just had my blood work done in March. My triglycerides are now 72(ideal) and my HDL is 54. Biggest accomplishment is having an A1C of 5.9(non diabetic). I took myself off of all meds during this six months. I am at a plateau right now but I'm sure it will pass. This is the best web site with all of the information, videos, courses etc. Thanks Dr. Andreas for all the effort you and your team produce.

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