Yet another diabetes reversal


Kathy was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but did not fill the prescriptions for diabetes drugs nor did she take the advice from the diabetes educator.

Here’s what she did instead, with spectacular results:

The Email


Here’s my success story… I was diagnosed in February 2015 with an A1c of 12.7 and was promptly given prescriptions for medications and advice/information provided by the diabetes educator regarding the American Diabetes Association diet.

I did not fill the prescriptions or take the “advice” and instead followed a very low carb/high fat diet, under 20 grams, no sugars, fruits, grains or starches.

Within five months my A1c was 5.7, my triglycerides reduced by half and are now below 100, my HDL up to 62 and cholesterol remained about the same, average. My blood pressure averages 100/60 and all other health markers are within normal limits. And….I lost 30 pounds!

Kathy Atwood


Congratulations on reversing your diabetes, Kathy!

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