Losing 70 pounds in ten months with LCHF

Fatima lost nearly 50 lbs in just a few months with low-carb and shared her story here. Now she sent me an update:

Here’s an update on my weight loss progress. I sent you a picture four or five months ago and have now lost more since then. I’m getting closer to my normal weight! LCHF has really changed my life to a much happier and healthier one!

Thank you again for you great site, full of inspiration and great advice! I will stick to this diet for the rest of my life. Please feel free to share the pictures on your site :) – show the world that LCHF really works! I started this diet in late October 2013 and a great deal has happened since then :)

Sincerely, Fatima

Here are a few more before and after pictures:

Before (213 lbs) and after (141 lbs)

Before (213 lbs) and after (141 lbs)


Before (213 lbs) and after (141 lbs)

Before (213 lbs) and after (141 lbs)

Before (213 lbs) and after (141 lbs)

Before (213 lbs) and after (141 lbs)

Well done, Fatima, and good luck in the future!


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  1. Gillian Nel
    Well done, you look amazing, would you share what your menu looks like in a day or a week, I would appreciate a little help.... thank you
  2. Vicente
    Congratulations Fatima!
    You look amazing.

    "LCHF has really changed my life to a much happier and healthier one!"

    May be scientific studies should start measuring not only health outcomes but also happiness...

  3. Ro
    Incredible. A real stunner. Knockout! KO

    Cheers to your happiness!!!

  4. Murray
    Very happy for you regaining self-destiny. It looks great on you.
  5. Julian
    I recently visted my psychiatrist and she stressed me to drop the grains/sugar and consume MEAT/CHEESE/NUTS. I thought it was a bit "extreme" 72 hours later following her advice I feel a mood lift and feel "normal" It's tricky but whenever I feel a "sugar withdraw" I eat a table spoon of peanut butter or cream cheese and 15mins later I FEEL GOOD.


  6. tony
    Fatima you look awesome. I'm sure that you have more suitors that you can handle.
  7. Wendy
    Congratulations on your weight loss. While I think your before pictures are very pretty, you look fantastic now! That's for sharing and the inspiration ;)
  8. Salahuddin
    Fatima! I don't see resemblance between your first two photographs, but one of the last two i.e 64,2kg is the prettiest. Congratulation, keep it up.
  9. Lori
    Fatima, You look great. I just pray that I can keep this healthy living up. I have been on this new living style for 10 days now. I feel great, I just need help on some things like eggs for breakfast everyday. My stomach is not liking the eggs every day. Do anyone have any suggestions for me?
    Reply: #10
  10. Dharia
    Hey Lori, you don't have to eat eggs, if you don't want too. Nowadays I make myself a flaxseed porridge, or simply whip some cream.
  11. Jessica Holbrook
    Great success story!
  12. Ron
    OMG Fatima you are stunning! Will you have my babies? (I'm kidding about the babies part).
  13. yumna
    nice work
  14. Tom
    Congrats in all your hard work your beautiful Fatima
  15. Kelsey
    Congrats with your success... is there anyway you could give me a week's worth of recipes like for breakfast lunch and dinner.. I'm trying to figure this all out and I am lost.. Your story and pictures really inspired me ..
  16. ben
    You might have to change your name to Thinima ;)
  17. Benlevrai
    Ben dit bravo !!!
  18. Jeshni
    Happy for u gal.
  19. kim
    Fantastic very inspiring

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