The low-carb diet: “Wow… it worked”

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Dr. Colin had advised his patients to eat less and exercise more for 30 years. It rarely worked, but he didn’t give it much thought.

But when he discovered low carb, this advice was turned on its head. He finally got his own steadily-increasing weight under control and has lost 45 lbs (20 kg) so far:


In August of last year my wife noticed a book by a chap called Tom Kerridge – a UK based celebrity chef who had lost a lot of weight by cutting out alcohol and carbs – The Dopamine Diet. (A fab set of low-carb recipes – by the way – bake the mince to “coffee ground status before using it in a recipe – OMG – what a revelation – check it out…!)

This was in August – and I was happy to give it a go – simply to support my good lady wife.

Then… wow… it worked.

Bear in mind I am a general practitioner – i.e. a family doctor. I have 60-70 patient contacts per day and I have given out the “energy out vs. energy in” equation to my patients for almost 30 years in argument and rarely did it work. In the meantime – slowly but surely I was gaining weight, working 12-hour days…

I am now 45 lbs (20 kg) lighter and losing…

My patients are now interested – commenting regularly on my visible weight loss. My HbA1c has dropped from pre-diabetic levels to well below this threshold. My cholesterol dropped too.

My waistline has gone from 36 inches (91 cm) to 32 inches (81 cm) (and even then – still loose).

My good lady has lost 28 lbs (13 kg) – she has always looked awesome but we are now both the same size that we were when we met in the Army 30 years ago. She looks… “even more awesome”…

This is not a “diet” now. It is a way of life – and increasingly my colleagues at work are recognising that there ‘must be something in this”.

‘Do what I do – as well as what I say”…



Congratulations Colin. It’s great to hear that you inspire your patients with your low-carb lifestyle :-)

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  1. monica
    Well done.

    As one GP to another, with a similar heavy workload, now read 'The Diabetes Code' by Dr James Fung. It is not just weight loss advice that we have got wrong, but the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. His book is very readable, and explains the origins of most of the Western chronic diseases which are interlinked. I have given the book a plug on the doctors net.

    Work is much more satisfying when you feel you have workable solutions to type 2 diabetes. I just need more than the allotted ten minute appointments to make a difference.

  2. Karen
    Hi there - I also have the Tom Kerridge Dopamine Diet book which was great & gave a lot of ideas for low carb recipes. He's a great chef but unfortunately he has now lost a lot of credibility in UK as he has since been paid by BBC to do a series promoting low calorie diets. He took a lot of flack about that.
  3. SHB
    Hi. I love Tom. Being a Brit he has become a national treasure and helped so many people. I dont agree that he has lost credibility at all. If you read the dopamine diet book he actually states that diets are an individual decision and they work for some and not for others, and so you need to find one that works for you. As he is a michelin starred chef, he is therefore more than qualified to do any cook book he pleases.... and he has had praise for both low calorie and the dopamine diet as well as others. He’s also been doing TV programmes here for a long time, rising through the ranks. Rant over :-)

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