How Cindy lost 70 pounds on keto, and helped transform the health of her family

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Cindy Miller shares her health journey in this interview:

I am a RN who comes from an obese family. Loving family, smart family. Obese family. Two years ago my sister sent me the Dr. Hallberg’s TED talk on type 2 diabetes.

That started our journey. As a family, we are down almost 800 lbs (363 kg). I am down 70 lbs (32 kg). My 83 and 84-year-old parents down total 80 lbs (36). My daughter with type 1 diabetes 40 lbs (18 kg) and her basal rate way down on her pump (plus she successfully delivered her first child three months ago).

My life has been radically transformed to the point where I started a Facebook page. I am surprised to say it has grown beyond my expectations (Ask Nurse Cindy) to 43K followers. And I still have a full-time career at a large wound-care company.

I refer SO many of my followers to I talk about you ALL the time.


Oh, this would be such a blessing to help you share hope and healing via a short video.


Cindy Miller: I used to wake up four to five days a week for such a severe headache. I would wake up and my head could be drawn back in such a pounding headache that before I woke up, I knew it was going to be a bad one.

I started following a low-carb lifestyle when my sister Debbie Stokes sent me the doctor Sarah Hallberg TED talk where she talks about what if we’ve been treating type 2 diabetes wrong.

First I thought it was just going to be a diet, something short, something as a stopgap, but what I found was it does much more than help you lose weight.

It’s a metabolic rearrangement and an internal healing process I’ve been going through.

If we think about that type 2 diabetes is a carbohydrate intolerance, much like peanut allergies, peanut intolerance, isn’t it logical that we can reduce our carbohydrates therefore reduce the need for meds? Because we can treat a blood sugar, but we’re not treating the disease.

We’ve seen so much hope for people with infertility problems, so much hope just in the low-carb community for people when you regulate your carbs and you increase your fats, hormone production is normalized. And when you can optimize that, so many other things fall into place.

When you become a fat burner, it was like someone turned on the lights and I was like, “Ah, I feel amazing!” And I wasn’t hungry and I wasn’t irritable and I felt focused. And it was just the first epiphany of many of this to your journey. This was me before low-carb. So I was probably a little bit heavier there and I thought I looked cute.

They see me at the educational event and they’re like, “Huh!” or they walk by me and they don’t recognize me. And they’ll be like, “What are you doing?” Because I think one of the loudest voices that we can have is to just live the lifestyle and let them see the changes.
I think if anyone out there who is listening to this at any point in time, in any remote way has struggled like that, the only way I can explain this is I’ve been set free. And I thought, “I won’t ever go back into that bondage again. I won’t do it.”

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