Keto couple loses 200 pounds together


The fantastic keto couple Erika and Danielle has lost an impressive 200 lbs (90 kg) together. Congratulations! Here’s their wisdom for anyone who wants to do the same thing:

Good morning,

We wanted to share our weight loss success story with you as we have lost over 90 kg (200 lbs) as a couple since starting on a low-carb diet!

We both have struggled most of our lives with being overweight and have tried EVERY diet plan under the sun. We usually were able to lose some weight, but most were not sustainable and we eventually would end up heavier than when we started. In July 2016 we started yet another plan, this time following a ketogenic way of eating, and we have not looked back. Aside from the dramatic weight loss the other benefits we have experienced have been fantastic – dramatic sleep improvements, no more snoring, no more joint pain, more energy, improved mental clarity, less headaches, more emotionally stable and the list goes on!

We wish we had known when we started that this lifestyle is not one size fits all, and that we would need to tweak it to suit us. Sticking to 20 g of total carbs per day may not suit everyone! Even as a couple, we would need different approaches at times. The biggest challenge we found was judgement from other people about what we were eating. Initially this was very difficult and we tended to keep quiet about it. Once we started losing weight people were more open to LCHF as the results were speaking for themselves.

We recently eloped while on holidays in San Francisco and are just loving our new life together! We wanted to share our success and how easy a low-carb lifestyle can be so in December 2017 we started our blog We will be sharing practical advice, recipes and our experiences with low carb from an Australian perspective and also with a focus on travel, our passion. One day we hope to make it to Sweden the home of LCHF!

Thank you to Diet Doctor for being such a valuable resource for the low-carb community – we love to refer people getting started to your site.

Kind regards,
Erika and Danielle


It’s so inspiring to read about couples going on a low-carb journey together. Congratulations to your fantastic success! :-)

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