“I started the 2-week challenge and felt healthier and happier from day 1”

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A move threw Aisha into a deep depression, which lead to emotional eating and weight gain. Fortunately, a friend reached out to her with a link to Diet Doctor, and she decided to give the keto diet a try.

From day one she felt better, and in only two months she had dropped 14 kg (31 lbs). Here’s her story:

Dear Andreas,

Let me start by thanking you for what you do. Exactly one year ago, my husband and I got job offers in Doha-Qatar and decided to move there. Before that I lived in Dubai for 10 years and thought it wouldn’t be that different. Little did I know that this change would throw me into deep depression.

It wasn’t so much Doha as it was the new job, I started doing nothing but eating and crying for about six months and gained 14 kg (31 lbs) in that short time.

One day my Swedish friend Kim, who I studied in university in Dubai with, asked me how I was doing. We were pretty close and my emotions just started pouring through the phone. She then just sent me a little magic link to dietdoctor.com.

Watching a short intro video with you, Andreas, and then the movie “Fat head” I was convinced. I then subscribed and spent a lot of time watching different movies and videos on your website.

As soon as I was convinced that rice/pasta/potatoes or bread weren’t necessary with every meal as we are usually used to thinking, the rest was easy.

I started the 2-week challenge and felt healthier and happier since day 1.

After about two to three weeks I started feeling a tiny bit smaller. Two months in and I lost all of that extra weight but I felt thinner than ever before.

I was never obese or heavy, but the 14 kg (31 lbs) took me from chubby to sexy easily. They really made a difference.

After I lost the extra weight by going on a strict LCHF diet, I reintroduced a little more carb into my food and I’m able to eat out with my friends and family as long as I don’t eat carbs the rest of the day or week (depending on amounts). I’m not gaining any weight back and I’m not depressed and I thank you for that.

Too bad Doha doesn’t have any keto restaurants and I can’t find psyllium husk (nor order any food items to Qatar) because I am a true sweet tooth and it’s hard to live without dessert for me. So I confess that I do have some sugary tiramisu or nutella crepe at a cafe every once in a while.

Some basic info about me: Born in 1990, Arab/Russian, sweet tooth, married, with almost zero physical activity, 48 hr/week working hours (sitting in the office) with barely any free time.



Congratulations to your success Aisha! And thank you for sharing :-)


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