How to hack a weight-loss stall

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You’re doing everything right with keto but your weight won’t budge. Could you be in a weight loss stall or plateau?

Today’s top 4 tips:

  1. Is it really a stall?
    Pounds never come off consistently. They leave in fits and starts. A real stall is three months (or more) without weight loss. For shorter plateaus, enjoy other victories like looser clothing, more energy, and less hunger. Keep track of your health markers: blood pressure, blood glucose and waist measurement. If these are improving, the diet is working.
  2. Keep a 5-day journal
    If you’re sure you’re stalled, keep track of everything you eat, drink, do and feel for five days. Capture all meals and snacks. Also note sleep quality, stress, emotions, exercise, hunger, and cravings.
  3. Analyze the journal
    Are carbs creeping in? What about alcohol and other temptations? Should you improve your sleep quality and stress level? Take note of your emotions — did they lead you to eat for reward or comfort?
  4. Add in time-restricted eating
    If you are fat-adapted, skipping meals should now feel easier. Try different patterns such as 16:8 (fasting for 16 hours and eating just two meals within an 8-hour window) or a 23 hour fast, eating one meal a day (sometimes called OMAD). Don’t do the same pattern every day. Mix it up.

Stalls are common on the keto journey. Many people weather them. But follow these tips, and you’ll get through them and find success.

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