How to get back on track when you’ve fallen off the low-carb wagon

How do you help and motivate people to start and stay on a low-carb diet?

That’s what I discuss in this interview with family doctor David Unwin and his wife Jen who is a psychologist. Together they practically help patients change behavior by bringing psychological strategies to the medical clinic.

Watch a part of the interview above, where they talk about how to get back on track when you’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’ (transcript). The full session is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

Motivating people to change their lives – Drs. David and Jen Unwin

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  1. Kayla Hunt
    Love hearing motivational interviewing and health coaching talk! Drawing on an individual's strengths and experiences to help them make lasting change!
  2. Lisa
    This is a very kind approach to weight loss. Like many people, I’ve beaten myself up many times in the past when I’ve lost and regained weight again, even on low carb diets. But reframing it as a learning opportunity and underlining that it could well take several attempts before all the pieces of the jigsaw come together is helpful, thank you.

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