Low carb in 60 seconds

What is low carb?

1. Eat real food

Real low-carb foods

2. Avoid sugar and starch


Why eat low carb?

1. Superior weight loss


2. Amazing health benefits

…and more

3. Simple and natural

Low carb may be more simple than any other diet. There’s no need for hunger, calorie restrictions or counting – just eat real food. Plus it can be truly delicious.

It’s about eating what humans have been genetically adapted to for millions of years and mostly avoiding problematic new foods – like grains (the last 10,000 years), refined sugars (the last 150 years) and ultra-processed and low-fat products (the last few decades).

4. Free and unbiased

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How do you eat low carb?

Food lists

Simple recipes

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The right amount of carbs for you

Strict low carb
moderate low carb
Liberal low carb

The fewer carbs, the more effective



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