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Josh has an incredible story to share, about how Diet Doctor changed everything about his life. Not only has he succeeded with losing 118 lbs (54 kg) – he has gotten his spark back.


Thanks for reaching out to me! I have quite a success story to share! However, I’m not done losing weight. I’m not sure if you’d prefer what I have now, and maybe I could update it later? I hope that is the case. Here’s my story.

At the beginning of this year, I woke up to seeing 315 lbs (143 kg) on the scale. As it does with many, it crept up on me, slowly, over the course of years.

I was in denial, of course. I ignored the obvious signs. Like hiding the size of your clothes when you buy them. Like having to position yourself just to pick something up. “Forgetting” to take a full body picture of yourself for over a year. When every fat joke makes you think of yourself. When you’re disappointed in yourself every day for not getting your life under control.

When you forget what it’s like to love who you are.

I ended up hurting my knee in boating accident and had to walk with a limp for a while. This put a strain on my back, and I started having back pains… Except they never went away. Long after the limp and knee pain were gone, the back pain remained. And that was the last straw. I was tired. I was so sick and tired of what I had let myself become.

And then I found Dietdoctor.com.

All I had to do was buy what they told me to buy, cook it when they told me to cook it, and eat what they told me to eat. That’s it? That’s easy. And it really was that easy.

I started my journey at 315 lbs (143 kg). Just earlier this week, for the first time since waaaay before puberty, I saw the 100’s, and am now sitting at 197 lbs (89 kg) for my weight.

Everything has changed. My attitude, my past times, my relationship with my wife. Everything. Dietdoctor.com was the catalyst that got me far enough to prove to myself that I could do this. That it doesn’t have to be impossible, just a tiny, small challenge every day that needs to be overcome. I’ve done low carb before, but nothing compares to Dietdoctor.com!




Josh – we shared your incredible story with the whole team during a meeting.

We feel very grateful that you wrote to us – these stories are what motivates us to keep doing our work! :-)

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