Is drinking coffee with butter and oil the key to weight loss?


Is Bulletproof coffee – coffee with butter and MCT oil – the key to weight loss? Hardly:

‘Based on scientific evidence, butter is not dangerous, but neither is it particularly nutritious,’ says an expert in public health dietary guidelines. ‘So Bulletproof coffee isn’t unsafe, but I’d still urge caution.

‘What people need to realise is that if you start adding extra fat to your diet, you had better make sure that everything else you consume is very, very low in carbohydrates.

‘If you think you can have a Bulletproof coffee and then devour a muffin without any consequences, forget it, you will start to gain weight.

MailOnline: Is drinking coffee laced with butter and oil the key to easy weight loss? Company boss Angela swears it is (but find out what the health experts say)

A high-fat coffee instead of breakfast may be fast and delicious and full of energy. But it’s not the best way to lose weight.

Let’s say you just have a cup of black coffee for breakfast (intermittent fasting) or a small amount of milk in it. You may still end up feeling great (many people, including me, do) and you could still end up in ketosis (if you’re on a low-carb or keto diet) and you’ll certainly lose more weight. Plus, you don’t have to buy any expensive branded coffee or MCT oil products.


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