“A combination of LCHF and paleo healed my skin”

Natasha Estrugo Acne

Before and after

Not long ago, Natasha shared her weight-loss journey with us. But other than that, low carb has helped cure her acne. Here’s exactly how she did it:

The e-mail

Dear Andreas,

A little while ago you shared my weight loss story on dietdoctor.com.

This had me thinking that I would like to share my story on how a combination of LCHF and paleo healed my skin.

When I initially changed my lifestyle I have to admit that my skin was not my biggest motivation. I wanted to lose weight first and then focus on the rest. When I started to lose weight I felt happy, positive and encouraged and the focus shifted to the health side of this lifestyle. This is when I started to do research into trying to heal my skin from the inside out.

I was still eating dairy in the beginning of my journey. I changed that when I read that dairy can have a negative effect on a percentage of the population’s skin (amongst other symptoms), hence why I now follow a low-carb paleo approach.

The condition of my skin did not magically get better over night when I cut dairy out, in fact it got slightly worse for a short time, but I was patient and I knew things would get better, just like how I knew a LCHF lifestyle will help me lose weight! It was a long process and took time for my skin to heal.

I embarked on this journey in March 2015 and my skin was completely healed only by December 2015/January 2016. I still had a couple of breakouts during 2016 but nothing like it was before. I used to get big, painful cysts on my neck and jawline. I haven’t had any experience of this for more than a year! My skin is now clear, my pores have minimized and my skin is even smoother with less wrinkles!

All credit goes to eating a clean, unprocessed low-carb, healthy-fats diet! The reason I am sharing my story is because I want other acne sufferers to know that there is a cure for this condition! It is possible to heal acne. You just need to be patient and let the food you eat heal your body and gut. Do not give up after a couple of months, this takes time. No cream, pills, magic potion ever helped my skin. LCHF works!

If you need inspiration, I have a page on Instagram where I share my daily meals, inspiration and motivation at @paleo_escargot

I have attached a before and after photo of my skin. In both photos I am not wearing any makeup and neither has a filter.



Thank you for sharing this, Natasha!

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  1. Michal Piják
    Sorry, but Kitavans eat high carb diet, and have the lowest incidence of acne in the world, as observed by S. Lindberg. Perhaps, because they don´t eat cereals and dairy products.
  2. Natasha
    Hi Michal, low carb eating (and thus grain free) helped me to lose weight and going dairy free ultimately helped me to cure my acne :) Whether eating low carb helped with curing my acne, I'm not sure, but what I do know is that nothing else ever worked...


  3. Sarah
    My daughter had severe acne for years. She cleared up within a month of following a LCHF (Gluten/Dairy Free) regime.

    As for myself, my health issues are Thyroid, Depression, Endometriosis, Psoriasis and Iron Deficiency Anemia. I've been slowly healing and feel better than I have in years. Not to mention I've lost 20 pounds in 6 months.

    Michal, when you say high carbs to what are you referring to? Complex carbs (Bread, Pasta, Rice, Beans), Simple carbs (Fruit, Veggies) or Bad carbs ( Candy, Sugar, Cereal, Pop) There is a difference.

    From what I read, Kitavan's, source of carbs come from Fruits & Veggies not grains or sugary products. Their diet as a whole sounds a lot like Keto to me.

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