Can low carb heal carpal tunnel syndrome?

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Is a strict low-carb diet sustainable in the long run? And how do you formulate one correctly? Bri Gerwitz has had some amazing results on a ketogenic diet, losing lots of excess weight and feeling great. In this interview she reveals her secrets.

Watch a new part of the interview above, where she talks about how she healed from carpal tunnel syndrome (transcript). The full video is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

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  1. Peter
    Okay so I keep seeing these taster videos to entice people on signing up but when I watch them, I'd like to be able to link up with the complete video because I am a member. Question is, 'where do I go?' There's no visible link which I can see. Perhaps you need to put one there. I was already logged on but no link to the complete video. Thanks.
  2. Susan
    I was also looking for the link, there are a lot of links there, then I realised it is this one
    Does low carb work long term? – Bri Gerwitz
    Maybe a link called 'See Full Video Here' right under each video could be added as that would be much easier to spot.

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