I went from 306 pounds to 225 pounds and I feel fantastic


Over the years, Darren was slowly gaining weight and suddenly he was at 306 pounds. Something had to be done, and his wife encouraged him to try a diet he never heard of before:


My name is Darren and I was at a point where I was slowly gaining the weight over the years, and I was at 306 pounds (139 kg) in May 2017. I was active, always walking where I could, biking to and from work but my eating habits were unhealthy and quite frankly appalling. I needed a change because I want to be around a long time for my kids and we were blessed with the news months before that we were expecting twin boys. Another turning point is when I broke a folding chair at work by sitting on it. I’ve known for many years that I needed to make a change. I’ve tried different things like clean eating and trying to eat healthier on my own but nothing stuck. Physically, I would chaffe on hot days, I’d sweat a lot and my breathing while sleeping sounded scary to my wife, and I was barely able to jog for three minutes without stopping.

My beautiful wife Sara encouraged me to try a low carb diet. I had never heard about it and initially I was hesitant because all that meat can’t be healthy for you. After some research I began my journey and never looked back. I was still enjoying the foods I loved – beef, chicken, bacon, cheese but I ditched out the carbs and found substitutes. The biggest challenge for me was the sweets but I did find some low carb no sugar added chocolates to satisfy my cravings.

From May to December of 2017 I went from 306 (139 kg) pounds to 225 (102 kg) pounds and I feel fantastic. My blood pressure and cholesterol went down and I feel so energetic.

I am from Montreal, Quebec Canada and I am 40 years old. I was 39 when I lost the weight.


Thank you for sharing your inspiring story, Darren! :-) Congratulations to your success!

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