New video series: Low-carb tips with team Diet Doctor

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We have a fun new video series to present to you: Low-carb tips with team Diet Doctor! We’ll tell you our best low-carb advice for eating out, shopping, traveling, handling social situations and more. The first episode is available for members now, and you can watch a preview above. Stay tuned for more!

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Adele Hite: The easiest restaurant menu to order from is… hands-down, a steakhouse.

Anne Mullens: Steakhouse.

Amanda Åkesson: Steakhouse.

Martin Balodis: Steakhouse.

Jill Wallentin: Steakhouse.

Franziska Spritzler: Steakhouse.

Karl Naim: Steakhouse.

Adele Hite: You get your steak, you get your salad, you don’t look at the big potatoes that somebody else is having.

Dr. Bret Scher: Thank you for being a member of Diet Doctor and thank you for your support of all we do. As a little gift we wanted to give you this video with a number of members from our team talking about their own personal experiences to hopefully give you some tips to help you make low-carb simple.

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