The most common problems on low carb

What are the most common problems on low carb? We asked our members and got over 1,400 replies. Here are the results:


As you can see the two main problems our members have are slow weight loss and carb cravings. We asked a similar question a few months ago with matching results.

What can you do?


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  1. Jennifer
    I couldn't find something specific about low energy in the guide on how to fix low carb problems. For low energy that persists after a few weeks on LCHF, and not improved with more salt, magnesium supplements, more fat, more calories, increased exercise and decreased exercise, is there something that works?
  2. Apicius
    Check for other non low carb related deficiencies. For example, people low on iron will feel low energy. Doesn't stem from low carb diet, but other sources. Like if you don't eat meat (vegetarian diet). Get checked for nutritional deficiencies (like iron). You may find out that after years of abuse of not eating sufficient nutrition, or severe inflammation, or leaky gut, it has stripped you of some nutrient. Possibly need supplements at the beginning just to get you back to normal, until inflammation and rest of digestion gets back to normal. Also...get some SLEEP. No excuses at night, don't watch hours of TV, get to bed early, and force yourself to sleep. It's amazing how big an impact sleep can have on body.

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