How often do low carbers cook?

How often do low-carb fans cook?

We recently asked our members this question and got 1,206 replies. Here are the results:


As you can see, most of our members cook daily.

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  1. Sue
    I like to do a flurry of cooking on a single day or over the course of a couple of days. Today, for example, I've roasted chicken drumsticks in the oven, I have a pork roast with seasonings in the crockpot cooking low and slow all day, I have several chicken thighs bubbling away on the stovetop (dual purpose - chicken stock and chicken for other dishes), and I've cooked up 2 spaghetti squash in the microwave. Tomorrow, I'll turn the pork roast into a pork, paprika, mushroom and sour cream dish, the chicken will be deboned and shredded and frozen in serving-size portions for salads and snacks, and the spaghetti squash will be turned into a few different dishes and frozen.

    Tonight I'll cook up a few pounds of bacon and put those in the fridge for snacks and salads, plus make some deviled eggs. I already have some s/f Jello in the fridge in serving size containers (those little round ziploc containers are 1/2 cup, which is the same size as the pre-made Jello cups you buy - it's just cheaper to make it yourself!).

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