Would you recommend eating low carb?

What would you say if your best friend asked: “Would you recommend eating low carb?”

We recently asked our members this question and got 1,395 replies. Here are the results:



Out of 1,395 people only four would not recommend eating low carb. And nearly everyone, 1,296 people, would recommend low carb to their best friend. I think those results are pretty spectacular.

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  1. Apicius
    I completely changed my approach. I used to tell people I eat LCHF and provide recommendations when asked. I don't anymore. But, it is quite noticeable at work...as I use full fat cream in my coffee, I reject bread/rice/pasta (so they see me nibbling around the carbage and leave behind heaps of scrap in my plate that I refuse to eat), I skip meals for intermittent fasting (like just sit down with colleagues at a hotel and drink coffee for breakfast while they gorge on pancakes and toast and baked goods and box cereals), and the best part is when I take a huge mound of butter and place it on my ribeye steak (the horrid looks I get makes me chuckle)! I find that this approach serves me better, because I notice they start to imitate me (I now see them throwing the bread away, putting cream in their coffee, and not going for the "low fat" options!). Before, they would roll their eyes if I mentioned the benefits of low carb...but today, I just say things like "i don't like how yogurt tastes like liquid candy" or "why don't I just place the donut on my ass, cause that's where it's going" or "I just like the pizza topping, the bread part tastes like styrofoam and makes me feel bloaty and fat". Surprisingly, I notice these statements have stronger impact than giving a technical description of why and how low carb works.
  2. Xiro
    Several times each week I speak well about LCHF. I can't keep silent when I meet someone who might have great benefit from it - with knowledge and wisdom comes responsability. At work there's always a lot of humor around my fasting, ceylon tea with butter etc - the humor helps a lot to make people embrace the ideas off guard. A moment of great laughter with the colleagues was when I instead of having cake took a B I G spoon whipped cream from it and put in my coffee :)
  3. Happy Camper
    I admit to being one of the "That Depends" group. I personally would like to recommend it to the world as I love it and it works well for me but at the same time I think it's important to spell out to people the fact that this can work so fast and so should be approached cautiously by people who already have health problems. I have told people how great I think it is and that they too could benefit from this type of eating plan but I always suggest they do nothing without the support of their GP if they are on medications for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure etc. Sooooo many things I love personally about this change in lifestyle (I refuse to call it a diet) such as coffee with cream! I never even drank coffee before...I didn't like the bitterness and refused to put sugar in anyway so just never drank it. Now I look forward to my 1 cup per day, mid morning and It's awesome! I find more often than not, once I have this I just don't need lunch...Excellent! LCHF has changed my life!

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