Does low carb work?

Does a low-carb diet lead to improved health and weight loss?

We recently asked our members this question and got 1,184 replies. Here are the results.


It seems that at least 85 percent of them feel that low carb works well.

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  2. Valerie
    Self-selection rocks!
  3. Nora Green
    Facinating! I disagree with this 85% then and fit in with the 0% who don't believe it's a particularly good or effective diet.

    I don't like low-carb eating, don't do it, and I'm 60 years old and healthily slim...and have been throughout my lifetime. I concentrate on being in touch with my body's needs and eating lightly compared to my needs by "feel" rather than by external measurements, like counting calories, carbohydrates or food units of any kind. I eat the types of food I feel like, but only in the amount my body tells me it needs via definite physically hungry. And it works!

    From what I can see, low-carb eating is an unproven but highly promoted approach, that is not supported by the best scientific studies. It's also an interesting fact that the world's fattest country, the USA, is also the country in which people eat the highest proportion of protein. Not that two things existing together necessarily proves that one causes the other, but if low-carb/high-protein was a great approach, it's surprising to see the exact opposite to the expected relationship among all of countries on earth!

  4. V
    Such misleading generic question, within low carb there r like myriad of variables like is this low carb/high protein and low fat, or low carbon low protein low fat, or low carb high fat and protein (atkins or dirty keto) or low carb high clean fat and protein??? Clearly dirty one r not good for everyone as we all know what happened to Dr atkin. The other version is better but low carb does tend to cause other issues, for me extremely dry skin and some other minor irritation.

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