Would you recommend the Diet Doctor membership to a friend?

Would you recommend the Diet Doctor membership to a friend? We recently asked our members and got 1,275 replies. Here are the results:


Nine in ten members would recommend the membership to a friend. That’s really, really great. Thank you!

Probably we should make it simpler for you to invite friends to become members. Please tell us if you have ideas on how to do that.

The membership is only a year old and in some ways we feel we’re just getting started. Yes, there are more than 100 videos on the membership site now and you can get your personal questions answered by four world-class experts, but there’s much more work to be done to make low carb easy for everyone.

Are you curious about the membership? Start your free 30-day membership trial for instant access to video courses, movies, interviews, presentations, Q&A with experts, etc.

Our Five Highest-Rated Membership Videos

5 Tips to Make Fasting Easier – Dr. Jason Fung
The Food Revolution 2016 Update – with Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt
LCHF Treatment of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome – Eric Westman
Low-Carb Living – Professor Stephen Phinney
Seven Tips to Make Low Carb Simple – Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

The Membership Fee Fuels Our Cause

Everything we make from the membership is supporting Diet Doctor and keeping us free of ads, products or industry influence, so that we can remain 100% independent. We do our best to spend every cent in the best possible way to achieve our purpose:

To Empower People Everywhere to Revolutionize Their Health.

Thanks to all our members for making it possible!

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  1. KAREN
    How to invite friends to become members? I share the posts with my friends on facebook. its working.
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  3. Carol
    I recommended this program to my friends and relatives even if they are healthy. It's not easy in this country to break from the teachings of the different medical associations who want you to eat 30 grams of carbs per meal. This kept my a1c at around 9/11. I am so much better now that diet doctors is number one on my reading list. My doctors look at me and say good butttt you cannot stick to this. My friends are watching me and are watching your videos.
  4. Philippa
    On week 2 and feeling great. Are there any plans to have fingerprint log in for members? iPhone etc..... I am on your site several times a day for videos and tips on feeding my family lchf and logging in is so time consuming! I know that's a minor problem but I think it would really help. A few of my friends have also changed to lchf after seeing my lack of hunger and energy levels! Thank you!

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