Losing weight by delaying breakfast and having an early dinner

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If you want to lose weight, the answer might be as easy as changing the hour of when you have your breakfast and dinner.

A new small 10-week study on time-restricted eating, led by Dr. Jonathan Johnston from the University of Surrey, investigated the impact of meal times on dietary intake, body composition and blood risk markers for diabetes and heart disease. And yes, when participants increased the time they spent fasting they did lose weight:

Participants in a trial who delayed their first meal of the day by 90 minutes and brought forward the last meal by 90 minutes lost more than twice the amount of body fat after 10 weeks compared to a control group, despite not cutting down on the amount of food they consumed.

This kind of time-restricted eating is also called intermittent fasting which could have numerous health benefits apart from just losing weight. You can learn more about intermittent fasting below.

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  1. Hazel
    A very good idea.
  2. Mamasan
    “One control subject dropped out due to faintness during blood collection at the first clinical visit so did not commence the study.” Lol
  3. Karen
    My dinner is at 6 and my breakfast is after working out in the morning around 10. It works great for me.
  4. Andy
    Skipping breakfast all together with brunch/lunch at 12:00 and 7:30pm dinner. 2lb/week weight loss over 10 weeks for me. Took a couple of weeks to adjust but now seems totally normal.
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  5. Barbara
    Skipping breakfast and having an early dinner has done wonders for my weight loss. Being on Keto and having the extra fat intake, makes me never hungry anyway, I highly recommend this to those who hit a weight loss plateau like I did!
  6. Una
    I've been told to miss out breakfast altogether by my nutritionist only today in London, who is more than affiliated to this DietDoctor - unless I'm traveling long distance and so then miss out lunch.
  7. Denise
    My schedule is after working out I have breakfast/lunch around 11-12 and dinner around 5-6. It has really helped. I have a cup of cashew milk if I’m really hungry.
  8. Janet
    I miss out Dinner - does this have the same effect. Breakfast at 8 and lunch at 2 and then don't eat until breakfast next day. Is this ok?
  9. Deborah
    I skip breakfast and lunch, eating only dinner around 6.30 pm. Restricted low carb, only have cream in my 3-4 tea or coffee each day and have not lost weight.
    I persist with this because I know when I eat an extra meal in the day, that I will begin to put on weight. Even when I do alternative day fasts (48 hours) I dont lose any weight. I am still borderline overweight/obese, so have at least 10kgs minimum to lose. I plan to restart walking and swimming this week -weather permitting- and hope that will help.
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  10. Valerie
    Your quote is inaccurate. The time-restricted people did decrease their food intake.
  11. Debra
    I skip breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday but do enjoy my 2 cups of coffee with heavy cream in the mornings. Saturday and Sunday is two meals a day - lunch and dinner. This keto IF works for me as far as health benefits go. My health and anti aging is my main concern - so far I rock ;-) Been doing this now since March 2017!
  12. Rod
    I am just weak after dark! I can fast almost all day and drink two Bullet proof coffees and feel fine; but when I have my dinner...I can't stop eating. I snack on cashews and peanut butter. I know that is what keeps me from losing the weight I desire to lose but I seem powerless as I settle down for the night. Any recommendations to overcome my very weak will power at night?
  13. Joan mears
    Deborah, I would eliminate the cream and your weight loss will follow, as the same thing happened to me
  14. Tasha
    I do exactly the same. I have about 70 G of heavy cream in a 20oz thing of coffee. I am usually satisfied all day and I eat my one and only meal around 630pm M-F. Sat and Sun I do the same but eat around 1pm and that's it. Carbs always below or at 20 net. Every couple of days I check my ketones and it's usually between 1.0-1.5 so I just do not understand why the weight remains. I've also done months of 20 carbs total and nothing just an increase in ketones from 1.5 to 3.0 or more. I have been doing this since January 2017. I also recently joined OrangeFitness and work out 2 days a week high intensity. No weight loss still even with all their promises. I also tried removing dairy so no HC with coffee for a few weeks, nothing. I almost want to give up and give in to my mom's demands to do a 500 cal diet and HCG shots. She has lost tons of weight. What am i doing wrong. I like keto alot, the mental clarity and my IBS relief is amazing so I stick to it but I wish I could lose. I am 50lbs over weight.
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  16. Dianne Harris
    Hi Tasha
    You might not believe it but you’re not eating enough. Your body thinks it’s starving so won’t let go of the fat. Count your calories for a little while and make sure you’re no lower than 1400 then see what happens. Sometimes carbs are too low also.
  17. Arthur
    I’m obliged for the article post. Thanks for sharing good information.
  18. Tallulah
    Breakfast at 10-11am dinner at 6 or just after 6 works. I have water and hot drinks that stops me from eating and getting hungry. Last week I lost 2/3 pounds. I am workout out and going for walks. This really works, trying not to snack on the weekends too but it’s hard when I go out or have people around but I am going to try my best. Trying to get rid of my tummy fat!!

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