Losing weight by delaying breakfast and having an early dinner

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If you want to lose weight, the answer might be as easy as changing the hour of when you have your breakfast and dinner.

A new small 10-week study on time-restricted eating, led by Dr. Jonathan Johnston from the University of Surrey, investigated the impact of meal times on dietary intake, body composition and blood risk markers for diabetes and heart disease. And yes, when participants increased the time they spent fasting they did lose weight:

Participants in a trial who delayed their first meal of the day by 90 minutes and brought forward the last meal by 90 minutes lost more than twice the amount of body fat after 10 weeks compared to a control group, despite not cutting down on the amount of food they consumed.

This kind of time-restricted eating is also called intermittent fasting which could have numerous health benefits apart from just losing weight. You can learn more about intermittent fasting below.

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