Kim Kardashian sheds 75 pounds on a keto diet


Kim Kardashian is another celebrity embracing the keto diet, having shed 75 lbs (34 kg) on the regimen.

So what does she eat?

Kardashian has shared that she enjoys protein such as salmon, green vegetables such as spinach, and even high fat foods such as butter while banning sugar and starchy carbohydrates such as bread.

Inquisitr: Kim Kardashian sizzles after 75-lb ketogenic weight loss, orders Kanye West to go on paleo diet?


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  1. Dr Jay Wortman
    She actually did it on Atkins. Colette Heimowitz, VP Atkins Nutritionals Inc, was her personal nutrition coach.
  2. Joy
    KK has had a lot of plastic surgery including lipo and fat transfers. Personally I don’t think she is a good example for LCHF succes.
  3. Paula
    Please keep kk news off of Dietdoctor. There are so many fantastic stories of real ordinary people who have done real amazing diet changes to reclaim their health.
  4. Joan S
    Everyone has a right to their opinion as you have shared yours. But she did the dieting work also following LC, be it Adkins -Paleo etc. Kudos to KK.
  5. Linda temple
    I prefer to hear about real everyday people :-)
  6. Stephen
    I am SOOO DISAPPOINTED that you featured ANY of the kardashians on this site. Really, who the hell are they, and why should we care?
  7. Debbie Sisson
    Not all of us have the luxury of personal trainers, chefs, unlimited time to exercise whenever. We have jobs, kids limited resources.
    In my opinion she's a terrible example and just makes keto/low carb seem like a fad.
  8. Suzi
    I don’t find this information about a celebrity to be interesting or helpful. As a paying member of, I use this website for reference, ideas, information, and inspiration. Don’t become every other website out there falling for the need to be entertaining or titillating. I can get that anywhere. More stories of REAL people and interviews with experts. Keep up the vital work you are doing!
  9. Cindy R
    I was very disappointed to receive the KK email. I cannot speak for all Americans, but I am tired of hearing about spoiled celebrities on what passes for news. While I wish them well, I have no interest in their personal lives. In this case, I can express my displeasure by canceling my membership.
  10. Aafje
    Unless this was a post-pregnancy diet, I don't believe it. In any case, I agree with other posters regarding this talentless attention whore.
  11. Tami
    I do not for a minute believe KK was ever 75 lbs. over weight. She obviously gained while pregnant but 75 lbs, probably not. There should be before pictures to prove this if in fact its true. You have before and after shots of 'normal' people, why not in this case? I'm disappointed in DD for this poor decision to feature this celebrity.
  12. Debra
    Really?! You put KK as a featured article on your website?? I could care less what she does or doesn’t do. Can’t even get past this to read the article.
  13. Art
    I am so disappointed in this site. First you post fat makes you fat, which as other readers correctly pointed out has been debunked, now this?! Who gives a hoot about kk. Off to unsubsctibe.
  14. Jamey
    "Really?! You put KK as a featured article on your website?? I could care less what she does or doesn’t do. Can’t even get past this to read the article."

    You took the words right out of my mouth Debra. Two thumbs down on this KK spotlight.

  15. Lorraine Skillen
    OMG I get enough of the K clan without DD sending an email about KK and her wonderful loss on LCHF. This article would have been put out by her Publicist to reach as many people as possible to promote her and her husband and DD fell for it. I am extremely disappointed in DD for sending this to all it's members. She doesn't live the same as most of us here with people at her beck and call to prepare meals, count the carbs, look after the home and the kids. I hope this isn't the path DD is going down. Very, very disappointed. ?
  16. Pamela Merrill
    KK. Became famous cause her mother posted a video of KK having oral sex. What the hell, you think we give a Damn about her. You blew it posting anything about her. Sicko......
  17. Laurie michele
    The "adkins" diet is ketosis, ketosis is when you intake 50g or less of sugars/carbs a day. Your body NEEDS CARBS in order to function so by depriving your body it produces kept keotines that break down your fat cells in order to use those as an energy source. Great to do for a 3 day body cleans to stop craving sugars but horrible for long term periods because it's causes what's known as the "ketosis flu" although your body seems to your fat cells as an alternate energy source your brain unfortunately must have carbs so it creates a fog in your brain if you were to take us test in this state you would fail miserably.
  18. Susan Kundert
    I completely agree with those who have expressed dismay at your featuring this dubious media personality as a headliner on your blog. This is tone-deaf in the extreme. Do you not understand how utterly disgusting most Americans find this entire family?

    I have long loved your site and recommended it to many others, because of your high integrity and lack of commercialism. But your marketing has lately become so sensationalistic that I will think twice before sending anyone else here. You are cheapening your brand with this sort of drivel.

  19. nancy
    Laurie michele re your post on the risks of ketosis. With all due respect, if you are a member of this site you are either new or have not taken advantage of the excellent SCIENTIFIC evidence on long term carb restricted, ketosis diets. Nor have you read the amazing stories about real people who have done this for YEARS with amazing health benefits. I encourage you to do explore these areas because what you posted is grossly inaccurate.
  20. Rose
    LOL There are a lot of haters out there.
  21. 1 comment removed
  22. Annette R
    Come on guys don’t hate love is better then hate , hate take too much energy. Maybe she did lose 75 maybe she did not but who care just love

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