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Mary wrote to us to tell that she has lost 70 lbs (32 kg) and reversed her type 2 diabetes – fantastic! But how did she do it? She shares her secrets in the email below:

The email

I found the ‘little me’ in the big me and brought her out to dance! It may have taken me some time and some patience, but it sure was a journey worth taking! In the past 15 years, after having my 4 beautiful children (now 16-21 years old), I have lost 70 lbs (32 kg) and reversed type 2 diabetes. Woo-boo on that last line… 70 lbs (32 kg). GONE and reversed a disease! I have also reduced a great deal of pain from having osteoarthritis (I’ve never taken medication for it)… Just by becoming far stronger and way more flexible (I can kick over my head!) and carrying less body fat on my bones probably helps me deal with the arthritis that I do have. I find that just being kind to myself and doing the fitness things I love (like dancing and yoga) make me feel like I’m 20 again… Maybe even better! But if I don’t feel like doing something on any given day, I just don’t do it and don’t feel badly about relaxing one bit.

I firstly thank the late, great Dr. Atkins for his program. I followed it and discovered that for me, I could not move up the carb ladder without stalling… And then falling off the ladder completely because I thought I was supposed to move up the rungs.

I then realized quite simply, that it was ok to stay at 20 grams or below and that many human civilizations (such as the Inuit) lived perfectly fine on low to no carbs. It just took thinking about that and realizing that for my metabolic resistance, that this was probably best for me if I were to continue losing weight – and keeping it off. And to be perfectly honest, I just feel much better on low to no carbs and prefer the foods available to me in this regard.

Being that I’m 49 in that ‘After’ picture, you can imagine that I ran into some roadblocks for losing weight. It took some further researching when I fell upon intermittent fasting and began to do 16:8 and then sometimes these naturally led to longer fasts. Once I began doing this, inches just started dropping off as gauged just by my clothing. I was really amazed and felt filled with so much energy! Since this ‘after’ pic, I have lost more inches around the middle. I am completely shocked by this at my age and I have to say that I just love combining keto with intermittent Fasting. I had found my lifestyle through low carb and now being ketogenic is a way of life for me as is the fasting. I consider intermittent fasting far more than just a tool in the kit for losing weight… It is deeply moving and spiritual experience and you just realize the enormity of the gift of life you’ve been given. In this way, it is deeply spiritual and a true joy!

Thank you Dr. Andreas, for your continued support to all low carbers out there and for featuring Dr. Jason Fung (fellow Canadian!) and his work on your website. You continue to demonstrate your passion to help people worldwide, like myself, to reverse type 2 diabetes and enable people to be all that they can be and I can’t thank you enough for that!



Congratulations on your success, Mary!

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  2. Tamara
    I love love love hearing stories of people OVER 40 who lost weight and kept it off! It's sooooo much harder, so major kudos to you! Curious about how long you've kept the weight off. I lost weight 6 years ago but have gained half of it back gradually in the last 3 years. I am hoping that keto with IF is the key to overcoming the "weight set point theory". Lastly I would love to hear more about the holistic benefits of fasting. Thanks for sharing your story.
  3. Carol
    Wow you look amazing :)
  4. Pam
    You not only found the smaller you, you found your beautiful self as well!
  5. Michael
    Congrats! You look amazing. Thanks for sharing your story.

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