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  1. luke
    what you are offering isn't what Kelly did/is doing.
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  3. PJM
    The amount of vegetables pre-agricultural societies is nowhere modern consumption levels. Outside the tropics (and perhaps even there), animal foods were the primary source of nutrition. We been evolving towards being carnivores for a long time.
  4. Clint
    No, I don't want to do what Kelly did because it's ZERO carb. Is there a change of which we need to be aware, because that's not what this site is promotiing last time I checked.
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  6. RR
    Love it. The truth is our diet was ONLY fat and protein for thousands of years. DNA does not change in that time frame. We are adaptable creatures... so we survive -- but to say this is wrong is wrong. :) Scientifically / historically speaking --- our diets were mainly FAT. We were in fact scavengers that could eat bone marrow because we had the smarts to break bones. (not pretty but true....) :)
  7. Lisa
    I just read her entire blog and I'm captivated. She said veggies gave her IBS and when off all carbs, she thrives. So interesting. Not everyone can tolerate the lectin levels in plant foods.
  8. Human
    Same for me, follow zero carb diet, cause I can't tolerate veggies and berries. Eggs, meat, poultry and butter plus some salt, species. That's enough and that's not boring, feel great.
  9. Maria
    Plant free since 2 years - love it! Easy peasy. What's for breakfast? Meat! Lunch? Meat? DInner? Meat! And drinking: water. That's it folks! :)
  10. Michael
    I eat very little veggies most heavy cream, fat meats nut oils(black walnut and pistachio oils ate my favs), lean meats with added oils like the above, as well as, unrefined coconut oil, Cocoa butter tallow fresh lard and eggs ratio three yolks to one white( (it takes the protien of one yolk to assmilate the nutrients in the white part so I add two more yolk). I quit sugar. I use pyure organic stevia with erythritol and stevia drops. Very few veggies.
    Lost 220 pounds so far. BMI 26.1. DOC said yesterday. No exersize other than walking a few miles daily.
    I weighed in at 188lbs with jeans and shies with keys, wallet and phone on me and i'm still losing. I feel great
  11. Smith
    I am concerned that Dietdoctor is sharing this information with us. Zero carbs isn't a balanced way to eat, and not even what is described on this site. I typically appreciate this site for promoting health, but find Kelly looks underweight and associate how she looks with an eating disorder. Care needs to be taken to promote health not just skinnyness. As a woman, I don't want to see women who look like this (and to be encouraged to look like this), I want to see women who's health shines through their happy face, with a reduction in health problems and a normal body composition.
  12. Hope
    I think she looks far too skinny, but, if she feels great and is healthy, more power to her. I myself do better with very little carbs- but it's hard to do.
  13. CK
    Aren’t some carbs necessary for serotonin production?
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  14. Morag
    I don't agree with any site promoting severe weight loss, this comes from someone who eats low carb but has just lost a close family member through extreme dieting and anorexia. I am sorry, but your site has gone down in my estimations. You should not be promoting such extreme dieting or weight loss. Shame on you. This is not the body image, or diet, that you should be promoting.
  15. Ed
    Many long time followers of this site and low carb are coming to this realization.

    You can't ignore the fact that nature is filled with starches and fruits. So what's the deal then?

    LCHF and HCLF cycling (i.e. 3 day LCHF, 1 day HCLF). We need all macronutrients, just not at the same time. The next few years will be about this surfacing to the mainstream.

    It really boils down to this:
    Eating LCHF / HCLF, the foods are self-regulating.
    Once you combine fats & starches/sugars -- social customs, strict family rules, and culture step in and regulate & control eating habits for the sake of health & wellness.
    When this breaks down (as you see today), there is no more regulation at the individual or family level, then that's where Government must step in and pass things like the soda laws.

  16. Debra G.
    It is interesting how different people react differently to foods. Keto is my go to because my body responds well to it. Others respond well to carnivore. As long as we are all healthy I say go for it. Thanks diet doctor for this article. It is not my place to say someone looks sick or too thin. It is between her and her doctor. I usually have to listen to vegans comment how unhealthy I am living because I choose keto. I say it is nobody's damn business on how others choose to and let live!!
  17. C
    Thank you so much for sharing this and letting people make up their own minds what is best for them.
  18. ron
    a carnivorous diet is not for everyone. it's not for carb addicts or those with no discipline. we don't care that you can't understand it or that you think we look better as fat as you. please, go, live your life in any way you want. would you mind if we do the same?
    thanks. buh bye now.
  19. Jenna

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