Professor Lustig: “Insulin drives all of the behaviors seen in obesity”


The only way to fight the diabesity epidemic effectively is to switch to a low-sugar diet with real food, argues Professor Robert Lustig. That way your insulin (the fat-storing hormone) dramatically drops and you can lose weight effortlessly.

In contrast to popular false beliefs, weight loss and health should not be a constant battle uphill through calorie restriction, which simply doesn’t work:

Following current dietary advice is counterintuitive to achieving a healthy weight.

The reason is the myth of energy balance. If you believe this, then you believe that obesity is a physics problem; too much energy in, too little energy out. Energy balance assumes that all calories are equal, no matter where they come from. Rather, obesity is about energy deposition into fat tissue. Obesity is a biochemistry problem, and where those nutrients came from determine where they go in the body. It’s called nutritional biochemistry and it shows that all calories are not created equal.

The Sydney Morning Herald: Dietary Factions Are Hurting the Fight Against Obesity

If you prefer to watch Professor Lustig discuss the issue in a new interview, check out the link below at 5:21:

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  1. bill
    Dr. Lustig fundamentally does not believe that
    carbohydrates turn to sugar in the body. He
    says on page 69 of his book that he cannot
    figure out how to lose the 40 pounds he gained
    during his residency decades ago. That is
    because he cannot figure out that all carbs
    turn to sugar when you eat them.

    He says that sugar is an "additive" to food. Yet a
    glass of orange juice is sugar without having
    any sugar added. This is a distraction. It's
    carbs. Sugar or not, carbs turn to sugar in the body.
    In fact right in your mouth. That means potatoes,
    rice, bread (sugar added or not), corn, all turn to sugar
    whether "processed" or not.

    Interestingly, he has changed his tune a small bit
    recently to saying that insulin is the culprit. That's
    funny, because his previous demon from his
    recent studies was that it was the fructose that
    was causing the metabolic damage in the children
    he gave various foodstuffs to. Fructose creates
    no insulin response. Glucose is the thing that
    causes the highest insulin response. He seems
    to be confused on this issue and he doesn't get it.

    It's carbs, people. Carbs.

  2. Pierre
    I can't understand that he can say that : "The reason is the myth of energy balance."

    Does he have a clue about thermodynamic?

  3. Haaris
    Its not just carbs as Bill thinks; as with the example about potatoes, rice and bread all turning to sugar in the body - although its true - it ignores the role of fiber. Refined white sugar and whole weat pasta will all turn into basic monosaccharides in the body. However the sugar will bring a spike in blood sugar and also insulin that the wholewheat pasta will not. Eventually insulin resistance will settle in and bring all of its issues (leptin resistance for example which keeps people hungry) and obesity will follow. Calories aren't all created equal and neither are all carbs.

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