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I’m happy to announce that my latest book, The Diabetes Code was released on April 3rd, which is a follow on to The Obesity Code but with information specific for reversing and preventing type 2 diabetes. As with all my books, all the information in the book has already been covered in my regular blog posts – on my site or on Since the information is free for everybody, why buy the book?

The added cost comes with a publisher, which have publishing, distribution and other costs. An editor and I spent a lot of time editing and refining the material closely to make sure it is easy to understand and logical to follow. So with the book, the information is easier to find, easier to follow and laid out in more logical manner. If you want to dig through all the old posts, though (41 in total), you will get all the information.

The writing process

To give you an idea of the process, I usually write my online blog pretty much exactly as I would say it. There’s not a lot of editing, other than occasionally deleting the profanities, and sometimes adding them in. I also take out some of the most sarcastic snarky stuff. However, the posts are hard to navigate, and a little repetitive at times. So, for The Diabetes Code, it took me about a year to go from the raw material of blog posts, to a manuscript that I could send to a professional editor. She looked it over, changed some stuff to make things clear and then sent it back to me to be redone.

I did this 7 times for The Diabetes Code. I did the same thing in The Obesity Code, too. After that, it went to a copy editor for 2 more edits to fact check everything. In all the editing process alone took another 8 months. So from the raw blog posts to finished manuscript is about 1 year, 8 months. Then it gets packaged all together with some nice pictures and published.

I was privileged to have Nina Teicholz, the author of The Big Fat Surprise write the foreword, and she did an amazing job. Dr. David Unwin, clinical expert in diabetes in the UK, shares his experiences with diabetes reversal. The end result is something that I’m proud to release.

What’s in The Diabetes Code?

One question some people have asked is “What new information is in The Diabetes Code that isn’t in The Obesity Code or The Complete Guide to Fasting?” Well, almost everything. People get confused because they’ve read the same stuff on my blog and then complain that there’s no new material in the book. That’s the point. I don’t hold any information back that may help you, the reader, simply to sell a few books. The information is already all out there, free but it’s written better.

In The Obesity Code, I only covered obesity and really did not even mention type 2 diabetes. That was deliberate, because there is so much information that it would be impossible to cover in a single volume. Nevertheless, if you read The Obesity Code and then followed along on the blog, you would have gotten enough information to successfully reverse type 2 diabetes. And many readers did just that, which is fantastic. If you, however, go over The Obesity Code carefully, though, you will notice that there is almost no mention of type 2 diabetes.


Table of contents

The Diabetes Code covers different ground in that it focuses specifically on the disease of type 2 diabetes and its relationship with obesity. I focus on visceral obesity and also the problem of insulin resistance, how to conceptualize insulin resistance, what it is, and how to treat it. I write more extensively about the dangers of added sugars and cover the basics of medications for type 2 diabetes and why they are not successful at reversing disease. I cover type 1 diabetes and ‘double’ diabetes. All of these topics were not mentioned at all in The Obesity Code.

I see The Diabetes Code as a sort of extension of The Obesity Code, but for the 50% of the adult population of the United States that have pre-diabetes or frank type 2 diabetes. It is more detailed in nature, and I would generally suggest that readers look at The Obesity Code first, although not absolutely necessary.

I’ve included some patient stories and also some sample meal plans to get people started, but if you want a more in-depth discussion about fasting, then I would refer readers to The Complete Guide to Fasting.

I’ve also written an Afterword sharing my thoughts on this entire process of discovery, which I did not do in The Obesity Code, because that was only the first volume, in my mind. I’ll end this post with the first few paragraphs of that afterword.

Despite the title of this book and its in-depth exploration of type 2 diabetes, it may surprise you to learn that I do not truly consider this book to be about diabetes. “What?” I can hear you protesting. “Almost every word in this book discusses diabetes!” No, my friend, this book is truly about hope.

I hope we can eradicate type 2 diabetes within a generation. I hope we can erase all the diseases associated with metabolic syndrome. I hope we can recover all the associated costs, both in dollars and human suffering. I hope we can accomplish these goals without drugs and without surgery, using only knowledge as our weapon.

Dr. Jason Fung

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