Breakfast options

Our goal with the low-carb challenge is to make it as simple as possible. Thus we have only one recommended breakfast for weekdays: scrambled eggs. It’s simple and delicious. We suggest bacon & eggs during the weekends.

Here are things you can add to your scrambled eggs, any day. Choose one option, several or all of them:

  • Fried bacon (you may have to buy some extra to add this on weekdays too)
  • Butter on top of the eggs
  • Smoked salmon (additional shopping required)
  • Cheese on top of the eggs (sliced or grated, let melt on top)
  • ½ – 1 avocado (additional shopping required)

Other options

Feel free to switch breakfast at any time – every day if you want – to any of the recommended below. Some extra ingredients may have to be bought (see below).

Additional shopping required for the options above:

  • Bacon & eggs: You may need to buy additional bacon, if you want this on weekdays too
  • Omelet: Requires buying a few mushrooms, an onion and perhaps more shredded cheese
  • Egg muffins: Requires buying a couple of additional scallions, some more bacon or chorizo, more shredded cheese and possibly extra pesto.
  • Boiled eggs: Buy additional avocado or asparagus if you want to add.
  • Dairy-free latte: Buy coconut oil, vanilla extract and ground ginger.
  • Fried eggs: Everything already included in the regular shopping list.

More breakfast options with additional shopping

These breakfasts require some additional shopping; pickled jalapeños for the mexican scrambled eggs, and fresh spinach for the frittata.

Not fond of eggs? Choose a ketogenic breakfast from our top egg-free low-carb breakfasts (additional shopping required).

The no-breakfast option

nobreakfastSkipping breakfast is normally fine on a low-carb, high-fat diet – as long as you’re not hungry. It can speed up weight loss and diabetes reversal.

However, we do not recommend starting this habit during the two-week challenge. It’s better to change one thing at a time – what you eat.

Once you’ve gotten used to eating low carb – which normally takes several weeks – you may be ready to add intermittent fasting, like skipping breakfast.