Breakfast options

Our goal with the low-carb challenge is to make it as simple as possible. Thus we have only one recommended breakfast for weekdays: scrambled eggs. It’s simple and delicious. We suggest bacon & eggs during the weekends.

Here are things you can add to your scrambled eggs, any day. Choose one option, several or all of them:

  • Fried bacon (you may have to buy some extra to add this on weekdays too)
  • Butter on top of the eggs
  • Smoked salmon (extra shopping required)
  • Cheese on top of the eggs (sliced or grated, let it melt on top)
  • ½ – 1 avocado (extra shopping required)

Other options

Feel free to switch breakfast at any time – every day if you want – to any of the recommended below. Some extra ingredients may have to be bought (see below).

Extra shopping required for the options above:

  • Bacon & eggs: You may need to buy extra bacon, if you want this on weekdays too
  • Omelet: Requires buying a few mushrooms, an onion and perhaps more shredded cheese
  • Egg muffins: Requires buying a couple of extra scallions, some more bacon or chorizo, more shredded cheese and possibly extra pesto.
  • Boiled eggs: Buy extra avocado or asparagus if you want to add it.
  • Dairy-free latte: Buy coconut oil, vanilla extract and ground ginger.
  • Fried eggs: Everything already included in regular shopping list.

More breakfast options with additional shopping

These breakfasts require some additional shopping; pickled jalapeños for the mexican scrambled eggs, and fresh spinach for the frittata.

Not fond of eggs? Choose a ketogenic breakfast from our top egg-free low-carb breakfasts (extra shopping required).

The no breakfast option

nobreakfastSkipping breakfast is normally fine on a low-carb, high-fat diet – as long as you’re not hungry. It can speed up weight loss and diabetes reversal.

However, we do not recommend starting this habit during the two-week challenge. It’s better to change one thing at a time – what you eat.

Once you’ve gotten used to eating low carb – which normally takes several weeks – you may be ready to add intermittent fasting, like skipping breakfast.

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  1. Marie

    Is there a vegetarian version of the free two-week challenge?

  2. Betty
    You don’t mention portion control at all. Can you explain whether we should measure our portions or not? Thanks!
    Reply: #115
  3. Anna
    I also have a bad reaction to eggs. They make me feel very bloated and cause a lot of stomach pain. Would yoghurt and nuts be a good replacement? If so, is it better to go for low fat yoghurt or normal?
    Reply: #114
  4. Maria
    Elizabeth, if you signed up for the Two Week Challenge by giving your email, every day you will get your plan for the day. It is so easy!!! The meal prep takes seconds. I love how easy this all is. And tasty!!!!

    It's confusing because there are just so many recipes and options on this site. Start with signing up for the Challenge and you will see how simple it is.

    They've done such a wonderful job that I am going to join the membership because they deserve to make money on me! :)

  5. Bobbi
    Week 1 we cheated and still lost 3kg for my husband and 2.5 for me. I am addicted to sugar that’s why the cheats I had the sugar shakes and headache. Week 2 I have only cheated once with 3 small biscuits I plan to not cheat for the rest of the week. Love love the Keto rolls I was in a store buying some almond meal for a loaf when a lady customer said have you tried Keto rolls from the diet dr they use the website because her husband can’t eat bread. Amazing how the word spreads.
    Keep up the good work diet dr we love it!
  6. Allie
    I have been on the Keto diet for four weeks and have not had sugar (except in my creamer in the morning (about 2 Tbsp) and I have kept my carbs at approx 20 grams. I was "winging it" at first as I hate thinking about food, by eating meat and cheese and low carb veggies and found that limiting so I created a plan and have been tracking my food for the last two weeks. I am frustrated as I have only lost 5 lbs. I figured I would have lost more by now, especially eating so differently. Any advice?
  7. Allie
    I am weaning myself off the creamer and do not drink it everyday. I was thinking maybe it's because of calories, but you state not to worry about calories however, factoring my age (50) weight and height, I should only have 1000 calories a day. One of the other reasons I like the keto diet is because I did not think I had to count calories. I have an app now that I use and it counts it for me and let's just say with the delicious Keto Pesto Chicken dish, I was at 2k calories yesterday. Not sure if that is causing a slow down. And I do still drink and club soda.
    Reply: #110
  8. Wanda
    Question; I have a bad indigestion problem with eggs and cheese. What could I have instead?
  9. Ashley
    Just an observation I'd like to share. You may want shred block cheese instead of buying shredded. Shredded cheese has potato starch add to it to keep it from sticking to itself. Potato starch is an added ingredient you do not want on this eating plan. Best wishes.
  10. Ashley
    Alcohol is what can make it difficult to drop weight. Your body burns the food and drink alcohols, then carbs, THEN fat. Take out the first two and you can make a dent in your weight loss.
  11. Sandra
    Hi, i'm a new "friend" that i'll try to do the free 2-week challenge. Is there a vegetarian version? I hope everything is there. thank you.
  12. Tracey
    Hi Elizabeth I've just signed up for the two week challenge and I was wondering if it is possible to eat weetabix or porridge for breakfast and tuna or salmon salad for lunch?
  13. Susy snow
    It would be smart to read the website, which answers all the questions above. No weetabix (carbs),. No low-fat yogurt. Why ask others to do your research. Either follow the diet or don't. If a bunch of changes are required then follow a different diet....
  14. Susy snow
    If you do your research and read the site you will see that nuts are easy to overeat and not recommended. Yogurt has lactose. Chooses a lunch for breakfast. Now wasn't that easy🤔
  15. Susy snow
    The portion control comes be eating until you are satisfied and by the ingredients in recipe. If you gorge then you will have to shop differently. You are making two servings which you divide and save one for next day.
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