You just signed up for a healthier life. Now let’s make the challenge a smashing success. Feel free to watch this introduction video:


Preparation is everything. There are two things to do to get ready for the challenge:

Today: Get to know the keto low-carb challenge (15 minutes)
Sunday: Preparations & start (2-3 hours)


Today: Get to know the challenge

Check out these four things to be ready to start on Sunday:

  1. Introduction
  2. Adjust
  3. Tell
  4. Schedule

1. Introduction

In a nutshell, a low-carb diet is about avoiding carbohydrates and replacing them with other, real foods — protein, natural fats and vegetables.

In this challenge, we make low carb simple. We’ll tell you exactly what foods to get rid of. We’ll supply you with weekly shopping lists, meal plans and all recipes needed.

Follow the plan and you’ll stay under 20 grams of carbs per day. This is highly effective for weight loss and diabetes reversal.

You’ll cook only once a day, for the amazing dinners. Breakfast is very quick – scrambled eggs or one of our other delicious options. Lunch will be leftovers from yesterday’s dinner, so you’ll save lots of time as well. Win-win!

Here are some sample recipes, click for a closer look:


Print guide

Consider printing the meal plans, recipes and shopping lists if you want them available offline. Make sure you select the correct number of people you are shopping and cooking for, the amounts will update accordingly. You can also switch between US and metric measurements.

Week 1: Overview / Recipes / Shopping list

Week 2: Overview / Recipes / Shopping list


2. Adjust

checklistMost people can do the low-carb challenge right away. But in these three situations you may need additional preparation or adjustment:

If you’re not in any of these groups, you’re ready to go. Great!

3. Tell

We recommend letting people you live with (like your family) know what you plan to do. Their support will make it easier for you to succeed. Perhaps they even want to join you? Here’s a very simple one-page document that you can hand out to explain what all this is about.

4. Schedule

Lastly, schedule 2-3 hours on Sunday afternoon for final preparations for the challenge. Among other things, you’ll go shopping and you’ll finish up with cooking and eating a delicious dinner. Sounds like a plan?

Sunday: preparations & start

It’s time! Today — Sunday — is when you start changing your life. Good luck and enjoy!

Follow all the preparations — total time needed is 2-3 hours — and the upcoming week will be a breeze. Start in the early afternoon and end with a delicious dinner.

You have four important things to do:

  1. Clean-out
  2. Shop
  3. Measure
  4. Cook

1. Clean-out


Get rid of all the bad carbs in your pantry and fridge. Doing so massively improves your chances of success. Here’s how — please do it now.

Thinking of bailing out already? If so, you could perhaps benefit from watching our video course on sugar addiction.

2. Shop


Time to buy some great food!

The week 1 shopping list contains all the food that you need for the entire first week of the challenge.

When using or printing the shopping list, make sure you select the appropriate number of people you’re shopping for. Also, for your convenience, you can select US or metric measurements.

Consider checking what you already have in your kitchen before you go shopping, to avoid buying duplicates of spices etc.

Here are two more items that you may want to pick up today if you don’t already have them around:

  • Scale (for weighing yourself)
  • Measuring tape

3. Measure

Tracking your progress is essential so document three things before you start:

  • Weight
  • Waist circumference — use a measuring tape around your waistline, just above your belly button.
  • Take a full-body picture — ask a friend or take a selfie in a mirror.

4. Cook

Now you’re ready to get started! Cook this absolutely delicious keto Asian cabbage stir-fry — you’ve already bought the ingredients. Make sure to cook enough so there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow (i.e. you need 2 servings per person). Put the leftovers in the refrigerator.

RECIPE: Keto Asian cabbage stir-fry

Don’t forget: there’s no need to count calories. And most importantly… enjoy!
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Do you have questions about this challenge? Check out the Questions and answers page.



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Do you want to know more about how to eat a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet? Watch this 11-minute introductory video course to learn the most important concepts:


Optional question

Help us improve this guide and answer this quick question in the comments below: What’s your number one question or worry about this challenge?


  1. Naseem
    Hi Deirdre,
    Can you link the product?
    Reply: #1081
  2. Corrie
    The recipes look simple and delicious, but I quickly estimated what Week 1groceries would cost just for the meat, eggs and dairy for my family of 4 and it would be approximately $300! This is without even buying vegetables or pantry items. I would need 88 eggs for 1 week! This is insane and not sustainable for a family budget, sorry. Especially when you believe in buying good quality proteins, not caged hens and factory farmed animals. (I am in Australia.)
    Replies: #1063, #1082, #1097
  3. Carla
    Hi, with this meal plan can we include snacks between meals?
    I normally have a snack at 10am and 3pm.


    Replies: #1084, #1092
  4. Wendelin
    Why are there very few responses to these questions? Is there no moderator?
    Reply: #1055
  5. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Wendelin!

    We are really sorry, but we simply don’t yet have the resources to respond to all questions in the comments or via email.

    We do respond to questions about the membership, but for other questions, it would be great if you could help each other in the comment section.

    Why are there very few responses to these questions? Is there no moderator?

  6. Joe
    We are starting the 2 week challenge tomorrow. Thank you for making it available. Although we are starting with the challenge, we're hoping to make this diet a lifestyle eating plan. With that in mind, we have two questions;
    1) Do you provide any help with choosing meals at restaurants, or maybe recommend certain restaurants as providing "keto friendly" menus?, and
    2) The meals/recipes are great, but we travel a lot and cannot always cook. I understand pork rinds have zero carbs. What other snacks can we purchase (not cook at home) from a store that has zero or low carbs?
    Thanks for your help.
    Reply: #1058
  7. Melissa
    Read the ingredient label. Does it just say Turkey? OR does it give you a list of added ingredients? Those with added juices contain sugar and starches which are carbs.
  8. GS
    Another great snack is the Dukes shorty smoked sausages ( they are like SlimJims, but with no sugar and so much better!). They are tasty and super low carb. Sometimes I pack celery too, just for something crispy and not dry. You can even do celery and a moderate amount of peanut butter. Good luck!
  9. Heidi
    I haven't started yet. I'm vegetarian and outside of the egg-based recipes they all have meat.
  10. Heidi
    I haven't started yet. I'm vegetarian and outside of the egg-based recipes they all have meat for the first week.
    Reply: #1069
  11. LaKeitha Johnson
    What if I missed starting on Sunday, can I just start on any day? Also, what types of juices/beverages can I drink besides plenty of water?
  12. Nancy
    LaKeitha Johnson—
    They say tea and coffee besides water. My husband loves the Pure Leaf unsweetened tea with lemon (in bottle). It’s 0 sugars and 0 carbs.
  13. Kelley Freeman
    Check Pintrest for lots of good Keto recipes... maybe you will find them more cost effective if you can choose your own... I do like that the 2 week challenge recipes are very SIMPLE to make but money is definitely a driving factor in our household as well... Good luck!
  14. Ivonne
    Hi I only eat 2 times a day do I skip a meal?? Or what should I do
    Reply: #1075
  15. Cyndi
    I have the same questions. Can someone help
  16. 1 comment removed
  17. Cyndi
    Im wondering if someone can help as I find some of the recipe measurements confusing. When a recipe says 300 grams or ounces of Cabbage or 500 ounces of beef is that a weight or volume measurement. Im use to seeing, for example, 1 cup cabbage when asking for a volume measurement. Any thoughts.
    Replies: #1070, #1078
  18. Ivonne
    OK I can help you with that on the top of the recipe is a button that says US or Metric change to US to get the chance OK let me know
  19. Charlene
    They do have vegetarian low carb plans on here.
  20. Leslie
    It's weight measurements for solid foods and volume for liquid
  21. Jan
    Is it possible to get the two-week challenge without meat, only fish?
  22. Susan
    I'd like to do this with my family but we have multiple restrictions in my family. I'm hoping somewhere on this site there is the ability to plug in foods that need to be avoided and receive a food plan. Specifically, I have one vegetarian. Another family member cannot have milk products. Another cannot have nightshades (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant.)
  23. Elizabeth
    What does it mean wen it says 75 mls of mayonnaise?
    Reply: #1074
  24. George

    What does it mean wen it says 75 mls of mayonnaise?

    75 milliliters or 1/3 of a cup is the amount of Mayonnaise you put in the recipe.

  25. George

    Hi I only eat 2 times a day do I skip a meal?? Or what should I do

    Does the meal you are skipping now cause you to overeat for the other two meals? Doing that caused me to overeat big time so I decided to stick with the plan and eat that extra meal and now I feel pretty satiated throughout most of the day. I still have my nighttime craving for something sweet and crunchy though. :(

  26. louisa
    how do we change the plans to suit what we do and dont eat, i dont eat seafood, advocados and other things but they are in my plan
  27. mariam
    can i drink soya milk and can i eat a sugar free gum
  28. Britta
    When you go to print the menus you can select US measurements or metric
  29. kk
    Hi ,I am vegeterian and donot take meat, egg ,fish . can you suggest me meal plan for 2 weeks as an free trail.
  30. Mon
    There is a section for keto on low budget @ page
  31. Deb
    Hey there!

    Just thought I would reply as I'm also in Australia & was freaking out about the budget I would need to go on Keto, until I started it and figured out ways to save.

    There's heaps of ways you can save and adjust your meal plan to be on Keto - keeping it really simple is absolutely KEY if you want to save money - so forget about all the Keto Recipes, just plan a few different meals and then repeat.

    If you've already figured out Keto, please ignore, however if you want to chat more and I can let you know what's been working for me here in Australia, let me know & I'm happy to share.

    I'm still experimenting and figuring out where to put my money where it will best benefit.

    ps - an easy way to save money on Keto (for the adults in the family!) is to skip breakfast - also cuts out the copious amounts of eggs you are talking about! And good quality eggs ARE expensive (handy tip though, get them from Aldi - free range are only around $4 there, or you can find some amazing farmers markets where you can get great deals!). So yeah, skip breaky as a meal and replace it with Bullet proof coffee (if you drink coffee) or you can put grass fed butter, MCT oil or coconut oil in another drink in the morning.

    Let me know if you want any other tips - happy to help! Keto is really challenging, but definitely worth committing to and giving it a chance.

  32. Anaya
    No. 1 worry for this week - can I make the change and stick to the eating program for the week.
  33. Una
    You won't need or should have snacks on this diet plus its low carbohydrate! Just do as it says 'on the tin' and it will work. It won't work if you try to reinvent the wheel and be clever.
  34. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor is the link to the page where you can find recipes if you are on a tight budget.

  35. Melly
    thanks for all your work, I am excited to try this, I would really like to see a simple menu plan choice, a protein, veggies, and fat for each meal, for those who don't have a lot of time to cook recipes. Can we change the listed recipe to a protein, fat, and veggie without the other ingredients for this challenge and still have it work well?
  36. Clint
    I just joined but having trouble finding how to sign in with my email and password - I want to watch all vids about sugar addiction
  37. Sadia Zaman
    Hi, I'm starting the 2 week challenge this weekend. A little nervous because I've battled with eating issues for my entire life and just want to find a way to eat that my body likes and keeps the hunger away. I've tried keto before but I usually drop off and I do it alone, so figured I'd lean in and get some support...

    Will keep you all posted!

    Reply: #1098
    I need to put weight on about 7lbs then maintain it, would this diet be suitable for me I'm diabetic type 2 on medication 2 Metformin and I have I B S
  39. Tai
    Hi there - when I determined my macros and daily recommended intake of fat I was told to eat 94g of fat total per day. A lot of the recipes on here have around 100g of fat in 1 serving! It says you can eat until you're satisfied but if I eat even 1 serving of one meal I'd be over my fat for he whole day. Can you please clarify? Do you not need to measure the amount of fat you're eating? I understand the low-carb, but I'm more concerned about over-eating on the fats - can you really not worry about it/measure? Thank you!
  40. Jennio
    I see lots of Questions, but answers seem difficult to locate. It’s confusing! I
    Don’t eat pork. What can I substitute in the 2 week challenge?
  41. Lora
    If it isn't on the meal plan, then I'm going to go out on a limb to say no. Drink a glass of water. Personally I haven't felt the need for snacks, and I do the fasting from 8pm to 12noon the next day - except for my morning Coffee.
  42. Wendy
    Hi all, well I found this site by default, had a good look round and loved the recipes and simplicity of this eating. So I began last week and followed this by cooking in a way I have not for over 30 or more years! Also added cheese and some other foods that I haven't eaten for a long time. Well I am amazed, I have lost over 7lbs in a week! I never felt hungary and have totally enjoyed everything I have eaten without guilt!

    3 yrs ago I spend over £4500 on a medically approved packet food diet (you can't buy it online), lost over 4 stone in about 3 months, but yes, you guest it, I put it all back on in the following years! I have been so fedup about that as no way could I afford to do it again, nor did I want to, it wasn't sustainable!

    So I am absolutely thrilled, despite not quite believing that this would work with the amount of fat products (cheese, cream, meat fat etc) I have just eaten in the last week. I have been fuller for longer and by default have sort of fasted for longer from night till mid morning without realising before having anything to eat.

    Over all I can see that again without trying I have actually eaten less calories due to being fuller for longer and no cravings at all. I love a glass or two of wine, but haven't even been bothered about that even, RESULT! lol I have totally enjoyed having my coffee with a touch of cream and loved it.

    I have joined the challange this week, despite being a week into the eating pattern so will keep you posted.

    Best of luck everyone.

  43. jihad hijazi
    This is an excellent diet, best diet I've listened of, but I have some questions about it.
    1. Can we eat oats bread?
    2. Can the served chicken or beef be "fried"?
    And thank you.
  44. Marisol
    I have hypothyroidism, will I be able to do this diet?
  45. Michelle
    I am on day one and I am super excited. Before this challenge I still cooked high quality ingredients from scratch but could not get into ketosis. I'm sure portions were too big and although I wasn't high carb, maybe just too much carb. I have 12 pounds to lose. My biggest concern with this challenge is the high cholesterol. I know there is new science regarding cholesterol but is this diet okay for someone with moderately high LDL? (I also an have high HDL "good cholesterol").
  46. Mira

    I just did this shop and got it all for $200 at Aldi, I’ve got 4 people in my family and I’d rather them functioning at full capacity because of good food fuel. Perhaps Aldi is the way to go

  47. Anam masroor
    Hi Sadia,

    How is your progress going? I am thinking to start 2 week challenge.

    Thank you

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