You just signed up for a healthier life. Now let’s make the challenge a smashing success. Feel free to watch this introduction video:


Preparation is everything. There are two things to do to get ready for the challenge:

Today: Get to know the keto low-carb challenge (15 minutes)
Sunday: Preparations & start (2-3 hours)


Today: Get to know the challenge

Check out these four things to be ready to start on Sunday:

  1. Introduction
  2. Adjust
  3. Tell
  4. Schedule

1. Introduction

In a nutshell, a low-carb diet is about avoiding carbohydrates and replacing them with other, real foods — protein, natural fats and vegetables.

In this challenge, we make low carb simple. We’ll tell you exactly what foods to get rid of. We’ll supply you with weekly shopping lists, meal plans and all recipes needed.

Follow the plan and you’ll stay under 20 grams of carbs per day. This is highly effective for weight loss and diabetes reversal.

You’ll cook only once a day, for the amazing dinners. Breakfast is very quick – scrambled eggs or one of our other delicious options. Lunch will be leftovers from yesterday’s dinner, so you’ll save lots of time as well. Win-win!

Here are some sample recipes, click for a closer look:


Print guide

Consider printing the meal plans, recipes and shopping lists if you want them available offline. Make sure you select the correct number of people you are shopping and cooking for, the amounts will update accordingly. You can also switch between US and metric measurements.

Week 1: Overview / Recipes / Shopping list

Week 2: Overview / Recipes / Shopping list


2. Adjust

checklistMost people can do the low-carb challenge right away. But in these three situations you may need additional preparation or adjustment:

If you’re not in any of these groups, you’re ready to go. Great!

3. Tell

We recommend letting people you live with (like your family) know what you plan to do. Their support will make it easier for you to succeed. Perhaps they even want to join you? Here’s a very simple one-page document that you can hand out to explain what all this is about.

4. Schedule

Lastly, schedule 2-3 hours on Sunday afternoon for final preparations for the challenge. Among other things, you’ll go shopping and you’ll finish up with cooking and eating a delicious dinner. Sounds like a plan?

Sunday: preparations & start

It’s time! Today — Sunday — is when you start changing your life. Good luck and enjoy!

Follow all the preparations — total time needed is 2-3 hours — and the upcoming week will be a breeze. Start in the early afternoon and end with a delicious dinner.

You have four important things to do:

  1. Clean-out
  2. Shop
  3. Measure
  4. Cook

1. Clean-out


Get rid of all the bad carbs in your pantry and fridge. Doing so massively improves your chances of success. Here’s how — please do it now.

Thinking of bailing out already? If so, you could perhaps benefit from watching our video course on sugar addiction.

2. Shop


Time to buy some great food!

The week 1 shopping list contains all the food that you need for the entire first week of the challenge.

When using or printing the shopping list, make sure you select the appropriate number of people you’re shopping for. Also, for your convenience, you can select US or metric measurements.

Consider checking what you already have in your kitchen before you go shopping, to avoid buying duplicates of spices etc.

Here are two more items that you may want to pick up today if you don’t already have them around:

  • Scale (for weighing yourself)
  • Measuring tape

3. Measure

Tracking your progress is essential so document three things before you start:

  • Weight
  • Waist circumference — use a measuring tape around your waistline, just above your belly button.
  • Take a full-body picture — ask a friend or take a selfie in a mirror.

4. Cook

Now you’re ready to get started! Cook this absolutely delicious keto Asian cabbage stir-fry — you’ve already bought the ingredients. Make sure to cook enough so there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow (i.e. you need 2 servings per person). Put the leftovers in the refrigerator.

RECIPE: Keto Asian cabbage stir-fry

Don’t forget: there’s no need to count calories. And most importantly… enjoy!
Continue to Monday week 1



Do you have questions about this challenge? Check out the Questions and answers page.



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Do you want to know more about how to eat a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet? Watch this 11-minute introductory video course to learn the most important concepts:


Optional question

Help us improve this guide and answer this quick question in the comments below: What’s your number one question or worry about this challenge?


  1. Shhshh
    If previous commentors read the plan, watched the videos etc I can see most questions are answered

    Guy's and Gal's adapt! stop self doubting just try things as suggested. If you don't like an ingredient or are allergic to it, use something else from the plan to replace it, avoid carbs and sugars.

    We are all signed up to this challange because we are or feel we are on the precipice of ill health or obesity.

    I'm cracking my knuckles and ready to prepare for my Sunday. Meanwhile back to reading listening and planning.

  2. Denissa
    I am looking forward to starting this journey for my health and for weight loss. I am getting married in April and want to look my best both inside and outside. The only downside to starting on a Sunday is that I work every other weekend at a hospital and this is my weekend to work. So hopefully I can supplement on Sunday with some eggs and spinach salad or similar on Sunday while working a 13-hour shift.
    I'm also hoping to get my mother involved since she suffers from hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hypothyroidism as well.
    Thank you for your support in advance!
  3. Ellie
    Can I switch out certain dishes with something that has the exact amount of net carb ?
  4. Donelle
    What do the acronyms you have used stand for please?
  5. Bríd Gallagher
    Is there anyway you could put subtitles on the video please? I'm deaf, thanks very much. :)
  6. Barb
    Hi, thank you for all you are doing to try to help all of us. I signed up for the challenge. I have allergies to gluten, dairy (esp high fat dairy). I am a 54 year old female. I am only 21 lbs from my goal weight. But I am quite discouraged, I had a bad fall last April on ice, & badly fractured my wrist. I was encouraged by my Dr. to have a bone density scan. The results were upsetting - I have low bone density & osteoporosis- at 54! My questions: 1) is Keto safe if you have osteoporosis? 2) should I be keeping my coffee intake to one/day. I have read that I should be pursuing a low acidic kind of diet. Thanks in advance,
    Replies: #1207, #1212
  7. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Barb,
    We have a good article about bone health on our website that you may be interested in!

    High caffeine consumption has been proposed as a risk factor for osteoporotic fracture, but the evidence associating high caffeine intake with low bone density is inconsistent, you may wish to ask your doctor or switch to decaf.


  8. Vilma
    If I'm eating only lunch and dinner? Can I skip breakfast?
    Reply: #1210
  9. 1 comment removed
  10. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Vilma, if you are hungry, go ahead and enjoy breakfast. If you find that you are naturally not hungry, then it is fine to skip a meal!


  11. Julie
    I worry that I am not going to eat the right amounts of carbs, fats and protein daily to lose weight. How do I know I am intaking the right amounts?
  12. Kathryn H.
    Barb, I, too, was diagnosed with osteopenia in my hips and osteoporosis in my back in my early 50's. I was given a prescription for Boniva. I got an eight pound weight vest from Amazon instead. I wore it around the house, on walks, at work, whenever possible. My DEXA scan (bone density test) the following year showed my bone density had greatly increased. The tech was surprised and impressed! Just start off easy and work your way up to wearing it for longer and longer periods of time.
  13. Suz
    I am starting this challenge on 11th November, 2018. I hope for the best.
  14. Johanne Pitre
    My husband and I are both starting the challenge on the 11th of November. This is going to be a great adventure I think :) wish us luck :) .
    Reply: #1215
  15. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    My husband and I are both starting the challenge on the 11th of November. This is going to be a great adventure I think :) wish us luck :) .

    No "luck" needed! Just commitment and enjoying the amazing recipes! You've got this!


  16. Marguerite
    Kristin Parker... I'm with you guys as well! I'm starting on the 11th too!! I'm excited!!
  17. Jennie
    I am also starting 11th Nov,I am ready
  18. SLF
    Me too :-)
  19. DawnBWRT
    My husband and I are 6 weeks into recovery from being physically hit by car.

    We both sustained multiple breaks and fractures but are home now and recovering well.

    We want to start this low carbohydrate diet as soon as possible as we have both put on weight from not moving or exercising.

    Any guidelines to how long after our injuries before starting this please.

    Thank you... loved the pizza, week one.
    We had no Almond flower so used half Pea flour & half Garm flour. We use mushrooms as no olives and drizzle olive oil over it. Yummy.
    Best thin crust base ever 👏

    Reply: #1222
  20. Lisa
    I'm starting on the challenge November 11th.. can't wait
  21. Lisa
    I like to drink coffee, should I use the me to coffee or is mine ok..i use creamer and sweet n low
    Reply: #1223
  22. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Dawn, You can start this way of eating at any time. It is naturally anti inflammatory which may actually help your healing. Best of luck to you and your husband in your recovery!


  23. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    I like to drink coffee, should I use the me to coffee or is mine ok..i use creamer and sweet n low

    Keto coffee? It's not necessary. You can use any brewed coffee. You may want to use heavy cream instead of creamer and a sweetener without saccharin or aspartame.


  24. Debby
    Where do I get to see answers on all the questions I’v just read especially
    What can I eat as a vegeterian on this eating plan
  25. Michell
    I heard it can be hard to sleep on the keto diet. I already have trouble sleeping.
  26. Cheryl
    I was diagnosed yesterday with type 2 diabetes. My normal eating plan is reasonably healthy and low carb due to other medical issues but I know I can tighten things up a bit more. I think this challenge is right up my alley and I'm keen for Sunday to roll around. In the meantime ill keep reading through the comments because there's a wealth of information already! Thanks
  27. Margaret
    I am starting the plan this Sunday November 18th. Today I am going page by page in preparation. My question is that I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago. Since this is a higher fat eating program, would that be and issue for me? Thanks.
    Reply: #1228
  28. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Margaret, Most people find that not having their gall bladder is not a hindrance. If you find that it is, you can ease into the higher fats. Additionally, some people find that ox bile supplements can be helpful.
  29. cai
    Hello teacher, I want to consult, if some of the recipes do not like to eat, can you switch to other vegetables and meat? So how do I know the ratio of the carbon and water content of vegetables and meat I am changing? Where can I find the proportion of carbon water in food?
    Reply: #1233
  30. Sylvie
    starting today so good luck everyone
  31. Dana
    So I've tried LCHF before and every time I end up with sleeping problems and really low blood sugar (Fasting blood sugar 2) which makes it hard for me to keep away from taking not only sugar but anything that can boost up my blood sugar before I end up hypoglycemic. I'm not diagnosed with diabetes , I've never had high blood sugar ,but I can go extremely low which is making it hard to go through the day
    or night (nights are even worse because as you know blood sugar levels go low even naturally during the night) . I go through the 2 weeks challenge (I go even up to 4-5 weeks) and my weight loss is pretty good but then it becomes too hard to manage and I end up with JoJo effect and gaining even more than I lost. How I fix this? Besides this low sugar problem I don't have any other problems with LCHF. I really need some advice. Thanks in advance!
    Reply: #1232
  32. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    When you experience low blood sugar, use protein to bring it back up rather than carbs/sugar. The protein (nuts, cheese, etc) will raise your blood sugar but not as fast or as dramatically as carbs will. This helps reduce the crash/rebound after the spike. Over time, those lows will normalize. The lower you can keep your carb count during the transition, the better. If you are on medication, you may wish to speak to your doctor about adjusting dosage based on blood sugar levels.
    Reply: #1236
  33. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Hello teacher, I want to consult, if some of the recipes do not like to eat, can you switch to other vegetables and meat? So how do I know the ratio of the carbon and water content of vegetables and meat I am changing? Where can I find the proportion of carbon water in food?

    Yes, you can swap out meals to suit your preferences.

  34. elisia
    My number one concern is the difficulty of getting back on track. I did this last year at Thanksgiving and did great until we went to vacation in October and just have not been able to get back on track. I felt so good with this way of eating.... clearheaded, energetic, and minimal pain from my fibromyalgia. Lost 50 pounds but have put 13 back on this October. I have started a new job and I’m going to see my new grandbaby and this Thanksgiving ....I am a very emotional eater.
    Reply: #1235
  35. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Elisia, you may be interested in this video about getting back on track. Best of luck this holiday season and beyond.
  36. Dana
    Thanks. I'm not on any medication since I've never actually been diagnosed with diabetes and never had problem with high blood sugar, only critically low. I discovered this during my pregnancy few years ago when on "normal" food I used to go very low in blood sugar no matter how many carbs I intake. Since then I'm following my blood sugar regularly at home. I forgot to mention that my blood pressure is 90/60 on its normal if that info is of any use for You. I haven't tried with protein when I go hypoglycemic, as I usually went for something that will work fast as a glass of juice or (ashamed to admit) a piece of chocolate or a spoon of honey. Thanks for advice! I will keep that in mind.
  37. Anis
    I would like to start on Dec 03. I’m traveling till dec 01
  38. Charmaine
    HI. I would like to start on Dec 01. I am a T2 diabetes of about 25 years, and have been on insulin about 20 years. Gestational diabetes was the first step. I started IF about three weeks ago and have been regularly monitoring my BGs - which have stayed high. My Dr is not really happy with eating this way, however I wish to continue anyway. I hate insulin and injecting!
    Thank you.
  39. Cindy Miller
    i love cottage cheese and unsweetend almond milk. are both ok on this diet?
    Reply: #1240
  40. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Unsweetened almond milk is OK. Cottage cheese tends to be carb heavy for keto and has a good bit of lactose/milk sugar.
  41. Nastya Kondratiuk
    Is pumpkin allowed during this challenge?
    Reply: #1243
  42. Linda
    I am only 4'10". Will this diet work for me? Any suggestions or adaptions on this? My ideal weight is 95 pounds. I am 63.
    Reply: #1244
  43. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Is pumpkin allowed during this challenge?

    Pumpkin is pretty high carb. It can be incorporated into some recipes but only in small quantities.

  44. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    I am only 4'10". Will this diet work for me? Any suggestions or adaptions on this? My ideal weight is 95 pounds. I am 63.

    No adaptation for height required! You may find you're not hungry enough for full portions as you get started, so just eat to hunger!

  45. AC
    I am 41,type 2 diabetic and on lantus (40 mg) and metformin (1000 two times). Humalog is as and when I need.
    Last summer lost a lot of weight by stopping to eat after 3 and excercised heavily. However, I was not aware of keto diet.Brought my a1c to 6 from 10. But lantus did not go down much as doc said fasting has to be 70-80 before he reduces and my fasting was 100. Had low sugars quite frequently and all the doc will say is to eat something and to not go without eating for long periods of time. Could not sustain and was very de-motivating.
    Should I reduce my lantus to 35% starting today? Have been on the keto diet for the past 3 days (not yours but from you tube knowledge).
    Please advise.
  46. Pat
    Started Week I on 11/26 one week later I'm down 7.80lbs and 1 inch off my waist!! The first few days were tough mild headaches and some stomach discomfort. The meals are absolutely delicious, shopping is a breeze and being able to modify recipes based on the number of individuals eating on the plan makes life so much easier. So hang in there if your first few days are works and the results are so worth it!!
  47. Maude
    Can the challenge be vegetarien ( with eggs and dairies)
    Reply: #1248
  48. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    The two week challenge is just one specific program; it is not customizable. However we do have vegetarian recipes and meal plans.
  49. Nellie
    I'm starting the 2 week challenge on Sunday December 9, 2018. I'm ready to lose weight and get healthy. I'm going to do this challenge alone with intermittent fasting and moderate exercise 3 times a week. Seriously ready!
    Reply: #1250
  50. Chimene
    Hey Nellie,
    I'm starting the challenge on Sunday too and planning on working out 3 times a week. We can do this!! All the best!

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