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So you finished the 2-week challenge? That’s fantastic, congratulations! What are you going to do now? Here’s a secret. The first two weeks are the hardest.

The first two weeks are when you get 90% of the side effects, and 10% of the benefits. Now it gets way easier. You already know how to cook and eat low carb, so just keep doing it. Get all the rest of the benefits.

Let’s keep going!

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You can even choose vegetarian or dairy-free weekly meal plans, or meal plans based on Team Diet Doctor’s all-time favorites.

All meal plans come with weekly shopping lists prepared, for 1-8 people, with US or metric units, and easily printable recipe lists.

You can choose to skip any meal and the shopping lists will adapt! Hey, you can even switch out any meal, for any of our more than 500 low-carb recipes, and everything will adapt. And the food is amazing, but you know that already.

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  1. Kristy
    My husband and I are 47 & 46. We just finished the two week challenge and were very satisfied. Both of us lost about 10 lbs. and really felt great other than the typical side effects listed. The side effects are minor compared to the benefits and I think both of us are now through any side effects. We have really enjoyed the recipes; they are delicious, flavorful and filling! I also love the scientific research and numerous articles and videos available to explain the negative effects of so many carbs, the process of ketosis and the LCHF way of eating. It kind of disgusts me now to go to the grocery store and see how over-carbed our world is. It is a challenge at times to find many things without carbs. It is no wonder we have so many health issues and diseases with the amount of carbs our nation is consuming on a daily basis. Thank you Diet Doctor!! You have done your homework and are are responsible for us heading in a much healthier and happier way of eating!
  2. Marcia
    I’ve just finished my two week free trail on the KETO diet, I’ve lost 5 pounds. Eating butter and cream was a bit odd for me because I removed them from my diet. But as i gradually introduced them back into my diet I soon got used to it. Getting out bed for a full a cooked breakfast worked a treat. I was addicted the bread and oatcakes with peanut butter in the past and now I don’t missed either of them. My stomach is no longer bloated or puffed up after a meal. The meals are awesome and so simple to good the whole family love them. I have rediscovered my joy for cooking again and will attempt making pancakes and bread KETO style. This has to be the best diet plan I have followed and stuck too for two weeks, and will recommend this way of eating to all of my friends. Thank you Diet Doctor Team?
  3. David of Memphis
    Just completed my first full week of the two week challenge. Had to stop before, do to a illness. Looking forward to starting my second week, I've lost 8 pound with the challenge and going to the gym. I will continue the challenge until I reach my goal of losing 25 pounds
  4. Karen
    This the end of week 2 and my husband and I are both very happy with the loss of 7 lbs each. My husband loves eating bacon and eggs and says he loves this diet. I am a little worried about mt cholesterol levels and am on high levels of statins. We need this diet and am planning on continuing. Went to a friends house for the night and took over our diet and shared with them. This was a good idea because it is the first time that we did not gain weight after our stay. Extremely happy with the results and hope the weight will still keep coming off. Thanks again for all the wonderful recipes and health thoughts. ?
    Replies: #307, #346
  5. Lori Holzhauer
    Just finished my two week free challenge. I have to say that I have learned a lot about eating habits. I feel good, no more bloated stomach and lost 2 inches of my waist. Only lost 2 pounds though. Disappointed with that. But still sticking to it. Hopefully my weight loss will start to increase soon. A highly recommended diet. My husband started too. Not hungry at all and a lot of cravings have disappeared. Thank you Diet Doctor!
    Reply: #337
  6. Teresa Sines
    There was just so much food and it was all so good. I thought this was going to be difficult but anyone can do this. It's so worth it. I lost 7 pounds the first week.
  7. Corinna
    Hi Karen,

    I read your worry about your cholesterol levels and taking high levels of statins. You should explore dr Aseem's website: http://doctoraseem.com/ Especially his address to the EU parliament. I am myself a healthcare employee and the neurologist of my department is convinced that statins are no benefit at all, they even might harm your health - he knows also by his own experience with the lchf diet because he has familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) ánd by coaching patients with high level cholesterol and diabetes; advising them to start on the lchf diet. Hope you find the good advice.
    Corinna, NL

    Replies: #316, #348
  8. Denise Mangin
    Just finished the two week program. I loved it! The recipes were very helpful and tasty. I made a few adjustments, because I don't eat fish, but I still lost weight. After just 2 weeks my pants are not cutting into my waist. My family was very helpful and made only keto breakfast dishes for Mother's Day. This will be a way of life for me. Thank you!
  9. Ada Wildberger
    I just completed the two-week keto challenge and can honestly say that I am grateful that I read most everything out there about it as well as scoured the DietDoctor website. The first Tuesday, I noticed a marked improvement in my eyesight. The following Wednesday Iexperienced what is found in some other writings as the Keto flu. Thurs was still a bit slow, Fri energy increased, Sat 6 cylinders were sparking and today, Sunday, second week of the challenge, this body is thrumming on 8 cylinders which is so cool because for years, we only had 6 max!!!
    Ada Wildberger
    Ramona, CA
  10. Hege
    I started at 130 (59 kilos). After 2 weeks I weigh 122 (55,5). I’m only 5 ft 2(158) and I am really happy with the result! I eat below 20 grams of carbs a day. I use the Lifesum app and that makes it easier. My advice is: give yourself a week. Eat clean food, not processed food. After a week, you will no longer feel hungry and the worst part is behind you! If you gain weight you probably eat to much fat/calories. Cut back on portion size just a little, and you will soon start losing weight again. My target is 50 kilos so I’ll keep going. Best of luck to all of you. Really like the website. It would be nice if all recipes with photos had been published as a cookbook! That’s my wish!
    Reply: #349
  11. Nathania
    I'm loving the diet so far! I have lost about 10 pounds and 1 inch off my waist. There was a day when I ate high-carb foods like cake, and I was able to quickly get back to ketosis in just one day. I'm still on my second week and I will soon sign up for the paid membership. I currently weigh about 161 pounds and my goal is to reach 125 pounds by the summer of 2019. It's a very achievable goal and I'm willing to go through the LCHF diet for longer periods of time, maybe even after I reach my goal! Although the website is really good, I would like to see more dessert recipes on here. This website is fantastic for people like me who are just starting out a ketogenic diet, and now I'm less afraid of looking for more "keto" recipes from other sources besides DietDoctor. I learned to count my macronutrients and focus more on the quality of calories I'm consuming. Thank you DietDoctor team for helping me start my weight loss journey! It makes things a lot simpler for me!
  12. Pat
    I just completed my two week challenge and I can honestly say, it wasn't a challenge at all! It was so easy and I feel so much better. My clothes fit again, I lost 7 lbs, and I'm not bloated after meals. This is the best diet (and I have tried them all!!) I have ever tried and actually stuck to for more than a couple of days. Now I love getting on the scale to see pound after pound disappear. I actually ate lunch out two times while on the diet with no problem at all. You just need to pay attention to what you order. I noticed that the only time I felt a little hungry in between meals was when I didn't eat enough at the meal prior. Since then, I have stuck to eating a full meal for lunch and dinner and sometimes doing the 16-8 fasting and skipping breakfast. Usually breakfast was my favorite meal, now I can have my coffee and I feel satisfied until 10 or 11am. This diet is great and I'm going to stay on the strict side of it at least until I have dropped my goat of 10 lbs. Thanks Diet Doctor!


  13. Dayle
    I finished two weeks and lost 6 pounds. I found cauliflower recipes that didn't even use almond flour that were so good. Like a cauliflower pizza and "bread" sticks. After week one I had actually started creeping up in weight and realized I wasn't eating enough protein. I added more and lost those couple and a couple more pounds. The bloat is gone and I feel better - I generally do when simply cutting out bread and sugar. Onward and upward (or should I say downward on that scale!)
  14. dawn
    I am 63 years young. I just finished the 2-week challenge plan. I lost 13.6 lbs and 2.5" in my waist. I followed the diet almost completely, with exception of my coffee which I drank 2-4 cups daily and the only other liquid I drank was water. I did get a lot of exercise simply due to the season, ie., gardening, yard work, repairs on equipment etc. I didn't really have any side effects from the diet and did not feel hungry much at all. If I did feel hungry, I drank a cup of bullion and that satisfied me. I am very happy with the results and plan to continue the strict keto diet long term. One of my greatest weaknesses, when it comes to dieting, is nighttime eating. I always seem to feel so hungry around 9 or 10 pm or the middle of the night if I awaken. I was able to quench this desire and after a couple of nights, I really didn't even feel the hunger anymore. I did drink lots and lots and lots of water, even in the middle of the night if any urges hit me. I am extremely happy with the results and feeling great!!!
  15. Terri W
    First diet I ever tried and it works!!! I heard about the Keto Diet from a co-worker...thought I would give it a try. I'm a mom of four, my youngest is two...and I still looked about 4-5 months pregnant. I started the Keto Diet the second week of May, I weighed on May 11th @ 230lbs. Weighed on May 25th @ 224lbs and on May 28th I weighed 218lbs. I feel fantastic, my stomach has gone down a lot, I have more energy, my double chin is disappearing, and my face looks slim.
    The meals were great too, I loved the Asian Stir Fry Beef & Cabbage...overall I had a great experience. I must say I do see results and I am not hungry and I do not have cravings for junk foods, sweets or cakes. It is amazing that a burger can taste so good with no bread and the use of Feta Cheese and Goat Cheese. Definitely continuing with the Keto lifestyle.
    Terri W./38 Years Old
    Raleigh, NC
  16. Carol Harlan
    I was unable to get to Dr Aseem’s site. Any where else I can look?
  17. Angie
    I am very interested in starting the Keto Diet. I have hear so much about it, but I am worried about my health being that I have been fighting colon cancer for 4 years now. I have not have red meat for over 4 years, but instead have chicken and all organic foods. I have gain an extreme amount of weight due to my treatments and the fact that they lower my metabolism. HELP! Is this diet for me?


    Replies: #338, #350
  18. Liz
    Just finished the 2 week challenge. I can't even explain how well this has worked for me! It's a miracle. The first 3 days my IBS went away, that I had suffered with for years. My stomach flattened, I cried like a baby when I was able to buy jeans that zipped up after a week!! when I haven't been able to since I can't even remember. Very easy to follow, the taste of food now is delicious. Going shopping for food now is amazing because cravings for bread and sugar are gone. I've lost 18 lbs and will keep going as this is first "diet" that's ever worked for me. My blood sugar readings are normal range first time in 9 years. I am sleeping through the night, my joints are no longer painful, and I can play with my 2 grandsons like I couldn't before. My clarity in thinking, and energy vastly improved. I am type2 diabetic, and I have a ways to go in losing weight, 75 more but I have no doubt that I will finally be able to reach my goal! In 2 weeks my life has changed, and I, my family, and my doctor, couldn't be more happier! I love combing through this site, especially reading about the science behind it and how it works. Made me a little weepy that no one had ever explained what was going on in my body. I am definitely becoming a member today! Wish you all good luck and health!
  19. Susan
    I have just finished the two week challenge and like many others, I feel amazing! This has been the easiest plan to follow - and I know I will never return to eating food out of a box! I am down 11 pounds after two weeks and have 20 pounds to go. One of the biggest benefits of this plan is the elimination of my IBS symptoms. Additionally, I have so much energy, no brain fog, better skin and hair...the list goes on and on.

    Thank you for this amazing website!

  20. Florence
    My husband and I finished our two weeks. He lost 10 lbs and I lost 12. I'm type 2 diabetic and have always felt hungry. For the first time in my life I don't feel like I'm starving to death. We are going to keep moving forward this has been a wonderful experience and so worth the effort.
    I'm very happy I found you guys. Thank you so much.
  21. Caroline
    Just completed Week One - weight loss for me was 8lbs and 6 for my husband. He is type 2 and has never had his blood sugars this low - thank you! here's the week 2!
  22. Carole
    Only 1 week in and I have lost 6lbs and feel so much better ,my husbands is struggling with hunger pain and as yet has not lost anything he has type 2 so I am anxious to get it right for him,not sure what’s happening ,but we are going to get through next week and see what results we get. I will be signing up for more help in the future as I feel it is the way to go.
    Thank you for the interesting articles on your sight and look forward to reading more.
  23. HARVEY
    Hi, I just completed my two weeks and I have lost 12lbs. My energy has really improved. Yes the first couple days were tough not eating the way I use too. For me the headaches were the worst and a funny thing was I never really felt hungry. I was never really a big eater so for me I guess it helped me eating the way I do now. The only other hard part is when your with friends, whether your going out to eat lunch or dinner or even going to a friends place for a meal. It can be tough, first if your at a friends place, you try not to offend them and yes you might eat more carbs then you should, and I'm not talking about eating 100 to 200+ carbs. I mean maybe 10 to 20 extra carbs. What I did was on the next meal Don't Eat As Much. Then on the next day you start out on your low carbs diet again. The main thing to remember is if you go off track as I call it. The next day start right back on your low carb diet.
  24. barry

    Hi, I was told by my doctor that I was a walking time bomb and go home drink 1.5 litres of water and go on line and look up Diet Doctor. I did exactly that and decided then and there to sign up. Fortunately My wife joined in the 2 week challenge and I lost 8 kilos. and feeling a lot better. It is getting easier to stay on course admittedly when we see what is the meal we change that meal for one that suits us but with the same amount of carbs .My wife and I also enjoying the variance you can eat.Thanks to my doctor for steering me in the right direction.I definitely will stick to my new lifestyle.Thanks Diet Doctor.How can I find different recipes. more easily with the same carbs?

  25. Marcelle
    I am going shopping tomorrow to start my 2 week challenge. The question I have is: is eating so many eggs bad for you. I've read all the comments and no one mentions eggs. I plan on joining after I finish the challenge. I've put on a lot of weight over the past years and it is time to eat healthy and regain control of my life.
    Reply: #339
  26. Ronald

    I am 71 and just finish the 2 week challenge. I lost 14 pounds the 1st week and 5 pounds the second & 2" off my waist . I have a little problem with the richest of the food (all that butter & oil). I spoke with my doctor regarding this diet and she said as long as I keep checking my blood pressure and cholesterol it would be okay.

  27. Kitty
    I am a type2 diabetic and have lowered my insulin by 7points, feeling great. Love the eggs for breakfast and the bacon. I would not call this a diet just a brand new eating plan. Nearly into jeans I bought 6yrs ago.
  28. carla
    I am keen to try the Keto plan, due to knee injury and possible knee replacement I need to loose 20kgs. In regards to high protein and low carbs, has anyone suffered from constipation and if so what have you done on the program to alleviate this.
    Replies: #332, #340
  29. Alan
    Aged 64 I've been diagnosed type 2 D in April, 137 Kg in weight +180cm tall. Disillusioned with doctors and diets for years. I'm absolutely hooked on the Keto concept, Dietdoctors.com and the menus, videos, the total package so far. Off the see the quack later today for a consultation and blood test results. Sunday I was 115.4 Kg, now. thats a 21.6 Kg loss. Should be an interesting appointment.
  30. Gregorita Quintana
    Hello, I am 33 years old from Albuquerque, NM. I had a doctor's visit a few weeks ago and I was told I was overweight about 40 pounds and that I needed to do something quick. I had no idea about this diet but when I saw it and started to look into it I was intrigued by the challenge and was ready to get healthy. I did the two week challenge and lost 12 pounds I walked everyday and enjoyed preparing the meals. I have to say this has helped me get on track to losing weight and being healthy at the same time. The meals that were suggested to prepare were great. I am going to continue the diet and modify it so it can become a life change for me and my family.
  31. Letha
    I used to think that as a 64 year old I was doomed to be obese and die younger that I should.Then my NP told me about LCHF way of eating. I was very interested. It is just about the opposite of everything I had been led to believe over the last 35 years. I started the 14 day meal plan about a month ago and kept up the way of eating until I got a chance to check in with my NP. I am pleased to say I have lost 10 pounds and 6 inches off my waist. I have never felt better even though I have a long way to go. When I watched the videos all I could say was "Finally someone is listening". I love the meals and even my husband enjoys most of them. I would like to thank all the Doctors who have done the research that was missing for so long. I think I will enjoy life much better now. Oh how nice to eat real food.
  32. Michael
    LCHF is low carb high fat not high protein. I consider the protein to be moderate. I've been on numerous low carb high protein diets and failed.

    This has been the most effect, easiest and enjoyable diet I've been on. I'm 65 and been dieting on and off for 35 years. I'm a type 2 diabetic who after nearly 2 months doing Keto I'm off much of my diabetic meds. Things just keep getting better. This does take time and you will have to make it fit you and your life.

    I highly recommend you join DietDr.com for the 30 day free trial and read and watch as many videos as you can. You will be happy you did and will far better understand the diet and what you can expect. Best wishes, Mike

  33. Hilary
    Hello doctors, I have suggessfully followed the two week challenge. I lost 4 ponds in my 14 days ( I have 60 pounds to loose). I'm happy with that. My problem is that on Thursday night I had a seizure. I haven't had one in six months. I had heard this diet was good for people with epilepsy but... I am the unusual. Do you think this diet could have any negative effect on my Keppra level or my epilepsy or was it all coincidence?
    Thank you!
  34. Sharon Smellin
    I just finished the Two week challenge and only lost half kilo, I Am a bit confused as I followed it exactly, with one glass of wine added on Saturday.
  35. Kathy Marciniak
    I have finished my first week , my husband and daughter have enjoyed the meals. I had a goiter on the thyroid an gained weight so fast I was over 200 pds. before I knew it. I have been trying to loss it since 1996. I have tried every thing an went back an tried them again. My husband says to me what are you doing this week? I love how easy the recipes are an looking forward to the 2 week.
  36. Sherri
    My boyfriend and I have just finished the 2 week challenge. We both lost 5 kg. (11 lbs.) exactly. I had to get used to eating fats again but my boyfriend was happy he could eat his butter. We didn't really have any problems. I'm not a big eater so I was only able to eat 2 meals a day as I was full all the time. My boyfriend also only ate 2 meals a day but he realized just how big his portions used to be and he was full after eating the meals. I noticed after one week that my brain could think clearer. No more fog. I even have a friend who is now going to try this. Thanks for all the tips and keep up the good work.
  37. Selena
    Hi Lori,
    I've only just started to look into doing this way of eating, but have been searching LCHF stuff for a good 2 years now. Just thought i'd let you know that (according to many LCHF specialists/doctors, etc) the reason you may not see much of a weight loss in the first few weeks - month is because you could be insulin resistant or it may just take a bit longer to lose. I suspect i fit into both of these categories, but because i haven't started eating LCHF/keto yet i'm not sure. There can be other reasons, which i'm sure you could find online. I hope this helps and that you've been able to start to lose more weight. good luck XO
  38. Selena
    Hi Angie,
    I would say definitely this diet is for you! But, i would recommend checking with your doctor/specialist first. If you're not sure if they're the right person to talk to about this (i.e. don't support it, think its rubbish, etc) then i'd definitely be getting another opinion. Could you potentially start adding very small amounts of red meat to your diet, say twice a week? I must admit, i don't eat heaps of red meat either, mainly chicken, sometimes pork and fish, but i'm pretty sure it's not really a necessity.
    Also, i must add, i'm not an expert in the field of Keto/LCHF, but i am an RN and i have read up a lot about this and spoken to many people also. I always suggest people talk to their doctor or specialist first, however please be mindful that there are still many health professionals that don't believe keto/LCHF is good for people. Hope this helps some. all the best XO
  39. Selena
    Hi Marcelle,
    Just thought i'd reply to your comment. Must tell you that i'm not an expert in this field, however i have spoken to many people (including my own doctor who does LCHF herself) and read quite a lot.
    Direct quote from my doctor is that eggs are a true "whole food" and very good for you. People always talk about the cholesterol in eggs, however no one talk about HOW the cholesterol is used in your body. And just because you eat good foods high in cholesterol or fat, doesn't mean you'll get high cholesterol or get fat. Fat is so essential for our bodies considering how much of our brains are made up of it!
    I hope this helps some and all the best with Keto! XO
  40. Selena
    Hi Carla, just thought i'd send you a quick response to your question about constipation. I haven't suffered from it due to high protein/fat (as i haven't started eating this way yet) but i do suffer from constipation sometimes. My doctor recommended osmolax, which is a white, tasteless powder. you can add it to hot or cold drinks and it's quite gentle, so shouldn't send you to the toilet that quickly! Hope this helps and good luck XO
  41. Dan
    I'm a 57 year old guy that seen recent pictures of myself on vacation and knew something needed to change, I completed the 2 week challenge and lost 17 pounds during that 2 weeks, I've continued to eat from the recipes for 4 more weeks and now i'm down another 18 pounds, mission accomplished!
  42. Adri
    I'm a 60 year old woman from South Africa.

    I started with the 2week program after a week of trying the keto diet without DietDoctor's easy, helpful program. In total, I lost 3kg (almost 6 pounds).

    The best is that, for the past 7 years, I had a constant pain in the lower part of my right-side rib cage. It was not always at the same spot, but it was always there; some days more, some days less.

    I recently realized that the pain that I got so used to over the years, has disappeared.... Its gone!

    I am a professional person who needs to travel a lot and attend many conferences, etc. If possible, I pack my lunch in a small, dainty cooler bag to take with for lunch. When that's not possible, I am just very aware of what I eat. No more sweet stuff during tea time. Lunch/dinner will be meat and veggies with no starch. And a lot of water in the conference room.

    All in all, I adjusted my lifestyle and it works. Thanks DietDoctor!

  43. Lorie
    My husband has been so annoyed at his VA doctors over his diabetes being out of control, They told him to take the 3 kinds of insulin and eat 60 carbs daily. I suggested we try this diet. We did great the first week. His blood sugar was 95. That was awesome since he was taking so much less insulin. We had to stop the diet for a week while his mother was in the hospital. We barely ate but supplemented with Atkins Low Carb Bars. We were able to start back where we left off with no problems. I saw the dr. today and I had lost 5 lbs. He ask what I had been doing so I told him about the Keto Diet. Let's just say he knows about it now. He told me to keep it up. Things are good so we will continue with the plan even though my husband has lost 2.4 lbs. more than me.
  44. Prudence Mnguni
    I just finnished my two weeks challenge and it feels really good i lost 6kg and still going stronger hopefully i will reach my goal very soon . i am more energetic and dont have cramps anymore
  45. Patricia Bramley
    Thank you! It was tough! I had very bad withdrawal symtoms from sugar in the 1st week and half way through the second week, but ikept to the diet. I am now in my third week lost 7kg to date. My partner also lost 7 kg and she had withdrawal from carbs. I personally feel better and it is a lifestyle to my own hart. my bloodpressure stabalized from a 143/80 to 110/70. I am alo part of group KETO South Africa via FB. I can not described how gratefull I am. I cant thank you enough for drastically changing my life.
  46. Una
    If you're on stations, my experience of them taken in my family is that they lower the cholesterol regardless - one family member eats exactly what he likes, not overweight but had hidden cholesterol you wouldn't associate with a thin body a nd cholesterol of 11! Now it's 4.6 in the British system and lower than mine and no change of diet - smug! 😆 Mine before this diet was 5.8! See if it goes down to the recommended 5 eventually and also test homocysteine - more insidious. 😆
  47. Chrissy
    I just finished the 2 week challenge today, have dropped 7.5 pounds. My mind feels clearer and I am more with it. Most of the time the food was not too hard to consume (some of it was really tasty)...though it was difficult adding fat into the diet with the little fear in the back of my mind that I will increase in weight. Regardless the Keto diet trial was successful for me. The first day was the hardest due to some major sugar withdrawals but by day 3 I was fine but for the first week I kept expecting to feel terrible again due to keto flu but that never eventuated. I have decided to keep going on the challenge for one more week to see what happens but I am worried about long term effects of having such a high fat, low carb diet? Having done a little research, much of it positive re keto, I did find some negative information that suggests that keto may be harmful over the long term due to muscle loss and potential to damage the heart. I am sure someone will advise re this.
  48. Una

    Hi Karen,
    I read your worry about your cholesterol levels and taking high levels of statins. You should explore dr Aseem's website: http://doctoraseem.com/ Especially his address to the EU parliament. I am myself a healthcare employee and the neurologist of my department is convinced that statins are no benefit at all, they even might harm your health - he knows also by his own experience with the lchf diet because he has familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) ánd by coaching patients with high level cholesterol and diabetes; advising them to start on the lchf diet. Hope you find the good advice.
    Corinna, NL

    Don't know if you are another American but I am in England and there have been two major articles - one today - in the Daily Express. With a read.

  49. Una

    I started at 130 (59 kilos). After 2 weeks I weigh 122 (55,5). I’m only 5 ft 2(158) and I am really happy with the result! I eat below 20 grams of carbs a day. I use the Lifesum app and that makes it easier. My advice is: give yourself a week. Eat clean food, not processed food. After a week, you will no longer feel hungry and the worst part is behind you! If you gain weight you probably eat to much fat/calories. Cut back on portion size just a little, and you will soon start losing weight again. My target is 50 kilos so I’ll keep going. Best of luck to all of you. Really like the website. It would be nice if all recipes with photos had been published as a cookbook! That’s my wish!

    Hi Hehe

    Your story is fascinating. Thanks for the app suggestion. There are jokes in this site as you can't register wgat you eat by way of carbs as you can for cslities on or her sites. So I'll have a look.

  50. Deli
    Hi Angie (I just read your post from June),

    I am 40 and I also went through colon cancer two years ago, just after my baby girl was born (so it was a big drama and difficult time for me)... but probably my experience has been a bit better since I only needed a laparoscopy with no chemo o radiotherapy afterwards. I have been doing Keto for two weeks to get rid off some 'baby weight'. I lost 3.5 Kg (I was initially 58.5 kg) and I do not feel bloated (which was a problem before) . Energy levels are good and I am not concern about eating meat and colon cancer... I am more concern about eating quality foods (grass feed beef, free range organic chicken / eggs, wild fish, etc...). So far this new diet style really suits me (I was not able to stick to other diets previously). I don't have such continuous vowel movements (which were an inconvenience after the colonoscopy). I am not carving biscuits, or bread which is a plus. I find the recipes a bit to high in calories so I cut a bit in the amount of butter or mayo for example. After the two weeks my weight plateau a little so now I am trying keto with intermittent fasting

  51. Ana ortiz
    hello my name is ana and I finished the challenge of two weeks, I'm super happy I lost almost 10 pounds, it was not very easy for me since I live in Mexico. !!!!!!! and dietary customs are very diverse but I hope I can take this more than a diet a lifestyle I love.
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