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So you finished the 2-week challenge? That’s fantastic, congratulations! What are you going to do now? Here’s a secret. The first two weeks are the hardest.

The first two weeks are when you get 90% of the side effects, and 10% of the benefits. Now it gets way easier. You already know how to cook and eat low carb, so just keep doing it. Get all the rest of the benefits.

Let’s keep going!

Here’s another piece of good news: If you enjoyed this two-week challenge you can keep getting new meal plans and shopping lists indefinitely, with tons of new awesome keto and low-carb recipes.

There’s no guessing or research required. Just choose whether to keep going on a strict ketogenic low-carb diet – for maximum effectiveness – or if you’re ready to reintroduce a few carbs and try a more moderate diet for more flexibility.

You can even choose vegetarian or dairy-free weekly meal plans, or meal plans based on Team Diet Doctor’s all-time favorites.

All meal plans come with weekly shopping lists prepared, for 1-8 people, with US or metric units, and easily printable recipe lists.

You can choose to skip any meal and the shopping lists will adapt! Hey, you can even switch out any meal, for any of our more than 600 low-carb recipes, and everything will adapt. And the food is amazing, but you know that already.

90+ meal plans (membership material)

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Get immediate access to all our 90+ weekly meal plans with a free membership trial.

You’ll also get access to all kinds of other benefits to make low carb simple – like low-carb video courses, interviews, movies and Q&A with experts.

If it does not turn out to be for you, that’s fine – you can cancel online anytime.

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  1. Tamra
    Hey there Irene... I'm tuning 50 in Couple of months and I found that putting intermittent fasting in also help me. Only while you sleep. I do 7 pm to 10 am. I drink lemon water during my morning fast. Listen to Dr. Eric Burg... I don't buy his products, but he talks about how important the fasting is and how to incorporate the "Healthy Keto" to your diet. Hope this helps, He sure Helped me. I have a long way to go but I feel better. This program helped me learn how to incorporate different foods. I don't eat pork or any shellfish.. I limit Chicken and Beef. My staple is Fish and Flax seed meal or oil. Good luck...
  2. Christine
    I have now completed the 14 Day Challenge and I'm even more excited than I was on Day 1! I am 51 years old and was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes around 30 years ago. Unfortunately and unwisely, I never really believed I was "sick" because I didn't feel any differently so I mostly ignored it. Flash forward 30 years and I have diabetic neuropathy, problems with my eyes and am over 100 lbs. overweight. The older I got, the more difficult it was to control my weight and therefore my blood glucose was sky high and I was prescribed insulin daily. After 2 weeks of the challenge, I have lost over 15 lbs., my blood glucose is now in the normal range with decreasing my daily dose of insulin from 65 units down to 20 units!! What is the difference? I am not only not hungry, but I don't even think about food as much. I have begun intermittent fasting for 16 hours daily and now eat from 1pm - 9pm (while constantly monitoring my levels). I feel for the first time in 30 years that this is a program that can become a lifestyle vs. a temporary change of habit! I am so happy to have found the Diet Doctor site and have registered to become a paying member so I can keep all of these tools on hand.
  3. Mary
    I have completed the two week start and I am very excited to continue. I have not recieved any more information for over a week. What do i do next?

    Thank you

  4. Frustrated
    I have just completed the 2 week challenge and I have gained half a kilo! I'm drinking lots of water (2 -3litres a day) and exercise for 40 -45 minutes most days. I definitely experienced keto flu and keto sticks confirm I'm in ketosis. So why no weight loss and worse, weight gain?
    Reply: #405
  5. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Frustrated!

    If you have joined as a member then I would recommend to use our meal plans.

  6. Leah
    So, I was very skeptical about starting this diet. Anyway, I decided to try because if I didn't how else would I know it worked. On the first optional weigh-in I lost 4 inches off my waist and 8 pounds! I was in disbelief! I continued on to the second week. While there was no change in my weight and waist measurements, I committed to continue and try the free month membership. I am on my third week. Everyday is a challenge but I must see it through!
  7. Judy
    I felt very full and satisfied, my portions actually got smaller because of my stomach shrinking. The fats that I was eating was making me feel full. Good Luck, I just reached my goal! Now it's maintaining
  8. Kris
    I am going to do a "re-do" because I fell off the bandwagon. I've been off grains and processed foods and most sugar but that crept back in. So going to go strict this time. I find that using artificial sweeteners keeps my sugar addiction very much alive so none of that for me. I know I can kick it. I'm also going to try the membership for a month to see if that helps. I don't have much weight to lose but I want to stay as healthy and active as I can.
  9. Wenche Havsholm
    First time in a year of membership I signed up, though never followed plan...busy workin et cetera See When OFF work 6 weeks from week 43. Have lost 7kg in one year, never gained, but on stalls
  10. Tish
    I felt I was not in ketosis for more that a day or so. I did not experience any of the side effects. I have been using the recipes all have been wonderful and delish!! I then just ate eggs with some fats for a couple of days to see if that would help. I am on my 4th week and I really don't feel any difference. I will continue until the end of the year, which was my original goal. This is an easy life style change for me, I will keep going and see what happens.
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