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Last week, I went out to the car to find a surprise in the garage. Although two full sized garage doors and a side door were open, a trapped bird fluttered and flapped by the window, which was locked shut.

I could feel the poor fella’s panic. My heart raced a bit as I recognized that feeling from desperate times in my own life when I felt trapped. Our English Springer spaniel began barking at him, which increased the bird’s flapping. The children and I made things worse by trying to shoo him to the open doors.

The solution was so simple. The wide open doors offered an easy escape, but that bird fluttered around the window, confused, and desperately seeking a way out…

How many of us continue to flutter and flap at the window trying to lose weight, manage diabetes, or just improve our health? We struggle when we don’t have to. We get confused by the noise of others “barking” at us or telling us what we “should” do.

The conventional medical advice for obesity that told me to eat less and move more had me flapping at the window, desperately trying to find a way out of the fat suit. Instead, I failed and became sicker, more desperate, and exhausted. Until I discovered the power of eliminating sugar and starches while eating more protein, fat, and far fewer carbs.

We put the dog in the house, and left as quietly as we could, leaving all of the doors and windows open. Maybe giving the bird multiple exits would help him calm down and find his way out. I hoped that our backing the car out of the garage would perhaps give him an idea, and that he might follow our path eventually.

That little bird was gone when we returned home. We checked the garage and can only assume that he found his way out. How incredible it is to find your way, to save your own life.

Panic, fluttering, desperation, and exhaustion are no ways to live. You don’t have to struggle. There’s an open door to better health, multiple doors in fact. You have to work a little to figure your way out, but it is there and thousands of us are backing the car out to show you the way. Join us!

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The doors are open. Let’s find a way out together!

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