“When you find the truth, It’s amazingly liberating”


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We received an inspirational email from Ben who has made some fantastic progress with an LCHF diet. Here he shares a few words of wisdom about what he has learnt on his journey:

The Email

Confessions of a man with boobs. Late last year I went out with friends to a restaurant. I gave my camera to the waitress and asked her to take a group photo of us. It was when I loaded the pictures on my computer that depression and realisation set in. I was surrounded by nicely sized and shaped friends, and in the middle was a bloated man with tits… me.

I guess its no wonder really. Nearly every day I’d eat two chocolate bars. I’d chew on sweets most of the day. Each coffee or tea would have two teaspoons of sugar four times per day. When having dinner, I’d always go back for seconds, and that was usually bigger than the first serving. Fridays was shopping day, and also binge day, this meant eating at least two packets of chocolate biscuits within an hour and a half. What I just listed was regular, and doesn’t take into account other random times of raiding the fridge.

It’s a surprise that my weight wasn’t even more, and only peaked at 108 kg (238 lbs). My only saving grace is that I’ve never drank much, otherwise I’d easily have been 150 kg (331 lbs). Personally, even if I didn’t start the LCHF diet, just cutting out the sugars would have helped me lose weight anyway. I’ve only been on LCHF diet for a few months now and am already down to 94 kg (207 lbs). I’m aiming for my married weight of 80 kg (176 lbs).

I’m not writing this so as to advocate LCHF, but more so to those who ‘think’ they have an unbeatable sugar addiction. The addiction is a lie that we believe, thinking that we are stuck forever. I believed the lie for the past 50 years. When you find the truth, it’s amazingly liberating.

Some will tell you how great they feel on a LCHF diet, I’ll tell you how great I feel in my mind just being free from this false belief. There IS life without sugar, and it’s not unpleasant. You don’t need to walk around with a long face like you’re missing out on all good things in life. OK I’m no martyr, I still use stevia in my cups of coffee and tea, but other than that, I don’t NEED sweeteners.

One last revelation on this journey. I realised that its all just ‘feelings’. I might initially ‘feel’ hungry, or ‘feel’ a craving. Just because I ‘feel’ those things doesn’t mean I have to submit to them. A ‘feeling’ has no power, its not my master. This thought process has helped me, maybe it can help you too.

Hey good luck on your LCHF journey.
You’re a winner.
Keep at it.
I have high hopes and faith in you.

Regards Ben (the man with decreasing breasts ;-) )


Congratulations Ben, thank you for sharing, and best of luck on your continued journey!

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  1. Joy
    Welldone titless man?
  2. Shane
    Ben, you're an inspiration my friend :-)
  3. Mariane
    Way to go Ben! You look great and now diabetes won't follow you around when you get older. Thanks to LCHF.

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