“I don’t feel like an old lady anymore”

Before and after

Before and after

Yvonne was following a recommended low-calorie diet religiously, but kept gaining weight at an alarming rate. It was so bad that she got her money back with the words “We can’t help you.”

Devastated, she started searching on the internet and found Diet Doctor through Dr. Jason Fung. The rest is (low-carb) history:

The E-mail

I cannot believe the transformation in just one year. Last summer I gave up on the idea of selfies as I looked so fat. At 62 I felt like an old lady. The first picture was my one and only attempt without Photoshop. For years I had religiously followed the healthy eating advice from the practice nurse and felt so guilty as it just wasn’t working. I ate about a third of the calories she said I should be eating but kept gaining weight. I hit my almost lowest point last December when I weighed in at 252 lbs (114 kg). I had no energy no matter what I did and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Some days I couldn’t move for the pain and couldn’t think. Brain fog and strong pain killers saw to that.

I thought I’d try a well known weight loss plan one more time. It has worked in the past so I was hopeful. I lost 10 lbs (4.5 kg) in six weeks but was so hungry and I only achieved it by eating less than they recommended. I couldn’t keep it up. I started sticking to the diet as they set it out hoping I would lose slowly but after six more weeks I weighed 259 lbs (117 kg)! I was gaining weight at an alarming rate on a calorie-controlled diet! They gave me my money back saying they could not help me.

Devastated, I turned to Google. I tried the 5:2 diet but found eating on “fast days” made them unbearable, as soon as I ate I didn’t want to stop. It was then I discovered Dr. Jason Fung and through him your site. I combined fasting and low-carb and latterly eat in a 5-hour window on eating days. I have lost 70 lbs (32 kg) since February and feel great.

My IBS and fibromyalgia have all but disappeared and I am able to postpone my knee surgery for the foreseeable future. I rarely take pain killers for my knees and then only paracetamol. I don’t feel like an old lady anymore and can enjoy a little gardening. I even managed to grow some salad veggies of my own this year.

Best of all, I can trade selfies with the grandchildren, no Photoshop required!

Thanks for the best website on diet and weight loss out there.



Congratulations to your great success, Yvonne – what a fantastic story!

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  1. Ellie Johnson
    I saw Yvonne for the 1st time in about a year, a month or so ago. I nearly didn't recognise her! Not only do you feel like a new woman; you look like a new woman. Well done Yvonne and thank you Diet Doctor for helping Yvonne achieve her goals.
  2. Marianne
    Well done Yvonne.
  3. Yvonne
    Thanks Ellie. Xx
  4. Yvonne
    My son has now joined me, it's so nice not to be the only one in the family. He's been on this program for two and a half weeks and had lost 8lb...One inch round his waist.
    He had had eczema on his face for as long as we can remember and apart from a dwindling redness it has disappeared in spite of the cold weather. He's delighted. He loves cooking and inventing LCHF recipes.
    My favourite is chilli chocolate sauce. It's 4 carbs per portion but a lovely treat once a week.
  5. Anastasia Paggett
    I just need some help and I agree I don’t have a support team. So I’m on my on but that ok this is my healthcare we are guy
    Reply: #6
  6. Crystal Pullen Team Diet Doctor

    I just need some help and I agree I don’t have a support team. So I’m on my on but that ok this is my healthcare we are guy

    Anastasia, have you considered our free 2 Week Getting Started Challenge so that you have some direction along the way? Or, join Diet Doctor Plus for access to our 5 Week Keto with Kristie course and our closed Facebook community for even more support. https://www.dietdoctor.com/explore-dd-plus

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