Type 1 diabetes: more stable blood sugar on low carb


A very stable blood sugar on low carb

A low-carb diet can bring great benefits for people suffering from type 1 diabetes, like it has brought Sharon. She has been able to gain much greater control of her blood sugar since switching to low carb:

The Email

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 18 years ago. Over the years, I have felt frustrated and struggled to achieve good blood glucose control. Even though my HbA1c was consistently between 7.0 and 8.5, which I was told was good, I struggled with binge eating, which was disastrous for my diabetes.

I would often binge eat at night and wake up with a harmful blood sugar of 20 mmol/L (360 mg/dl). I knew something had to change. I discovered low carb and have never looked back. Gone are the days of wildly swinging blood sugars. I now know how to control my blood sugar and have never felt better.

My biggest challenge has been to overcome my binge eating. I did this by getting professional help as well as learning about the impacts my high blood sugar was having on my health. I watched and read everything I could on low carb and diabetes. I feel like my diabetes is no longer a burden especially now that I know how to control it. My most recent HbA1c was 5.5.

I have attached a report showing the range of my blood sugars.

I’m happy to have my name published.

Many thanks,


Congratulations Sharon – we’re so glad to hear that low carb has improved your glucose control!

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