Managing type 1 diabetes with low carb with Dr. Katharine Morrison

How can you manage type 1 diabetes using a low-carb diet? In this interview from the PHC in London, we sit down with Dr. Katharine Morrison to take a deep dive into type 1 diabetes.

Katharine answers questions about the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, how you can manage it, how it can be more challenging for women, and much more!


Kim Gajraj:  Is it possible for a type 1 diabetic also to end up having type 2 diabetes?

Dr. Katharine Morrison:  Yes that’s correct. The term for that is “double diabetes” and it happens to quite a lot of type 1s unfortunately.

Type 1s are not immune from the ill effects of a high carb diet that everyone else is, as we get rapidly fattening population with abnormal blood sugar controls and high insulin resistance levels, type 1s can get that as well, just like their coworkers and other members of their family.

Mainly this is due to being exposed to a high-carbohydrate low-fat diet for years. So type 1s can develop type 2 diabetes, known as double diabetes.

What they will notice is if they’re developing this, they will notice they are getting fatter, they will notice they are getting more tired, they will notice that their background insulin levels have to be continually raised and they need much more insulin to cover their meals than they used to as insulin resistance develops.

And they will also find that they will benefit, just like type 2 diabetics, they will benefit, from going on a low-carb diet, increasing their physical activity and exercise and sometimes they will also need medication from their GP that is normally prescribed to type 2s.

And that can include particularly metformin, but may also include other drugs such as the gliptins and the gliflozins. Now that has to be done by their GP and let’s face it, they don’t have to go that route, because there’s natural predictable ways of getting your blood sugars under control.

I’m not saying it doesn’t take time, because we all know it’s much easier to gain than to lose it, but there are natural ways that they can help themselves get back to be as slim as they were before they started to put on the weight.


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Managing type 1 diabetes with low carb — Dr. Katharine Morrison

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