“I thoroughly enjoy this way of life”

Drinking tea helps Janelle with her fasting

Drinking tea helps Janelle with her fasting

A friend of Janelle recommended the Diet Doctor site to her as a way to lose weight, so she decided to try it. And apparently, she’s been pretty successful:

I am 64 years old. I have depression issues. I am clearly addicted to bad foods and sugar.

A dear friend told me about your site, as she had tremendous success with it, she encouraged me to try it. I enjoy your recipes, enjoy fasting and making this way of eating my own.

I started off at 211 lbs (96 kg). My biggest challenge is emotional eating. Another challenge is figuring out how to eat when I work nights, but I’ve done that, with much experimenting. I have to think of progress made whenever I’m tempted to comfort or emotional eat.

I wish I’d known this while raising my children, as they are adults now. I’m now in the 180s (82 kg). I thoroughly enjoy this way of life.


We asked Janelle about what she eats and how she fasts in a regular day, and this is what she answered:

Fasting is done weekly, starting the day off at 05.00 am with a couple of hot cups of tea. Between noon and 2 pm, I’ll eat something from your delicious recipes and drink more water or tea.


Way to go Janelle – and the best of luck with your continued journey.

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  1. Daniela Morán.
    To whom it may concern,
    I´m writing this email, because I´m interested in adopting this
    diet, but I don´t need to loose weight but to maintain it. I have been
    reading about ketosis on Internet -also your website- and I don´t know
    how to calculate the amount of fat that I would have to eat in order
    to reach ketosis.
    I know I have to ingest between 20 to 50 grams of carbs and 37 to
    55 grams of protein, but again I get lost on how to determine or
    estimate the amount of fat that I would have to eat, because I have
    heard that you could gain weight if you exceed the level of fat that
    your body needs to function according to this diet or life style.
    Sincerely yours,
    Reply: #2
  2. Apicius
    A couple of resources that may help you:




    I like the second and third ones because no paywall, and useful calculators for when fasting.

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