“This was a diet that I could follow”

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Can a low-carb diet help you improve your acid reflux, bipolar disorder and anxiety, as well as helping you shed weight? Possibly. This is Allison’s fantastic story:

Hi Dr Andreas,

I saw your challenge just after being diagnosed with GERD. My acid reflux was terrible and my doctor gave me a diet to follow that I knew I would not be able to follow.

I came home and started surfing the web and came across what we in South Africa call banting or LCHF. I studied this way of life and decided that this was a diet that I could follow and started with it.

A few week after that I came across your website and signed up for the newsletter which has been most helpful.

Within a few weeks, my acid reflux was gone.

I have, however, an even better story to tell.

I have been a bipolar patient for years. Since I started following LCHF, I have not had a single manic or depressive episode and even better, I have not had a panic attack. For a person who was a rapid cycler, and who would have at least two panic attacks a months, this was even better for me than the ceasation of the GERD symptoms. My medication has also been significantly reduced. A benzodiazapine that I am on has reduced from 3.5 mg per day to 0.5 mg per day. This is significant as I have been on this medication for over 16 years. Other medications are also reduced or completely stopped.

An added and welcome benefit is that I have lost 19 kg (42 lbs). I still have 30 kg (66 lbs) to go, but am confident that with time, this will disappear too.

Thank you to you Dr Andreas, as well as to our South African Professor Timothy Noakes. You can never realise how grateful I am.



Thank you Allison for sharing your story – and best of luck with your continued low-carb journey!

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