And the second winner is…


And the second winner of our contest is Sari Biström from Sweden! She wins the second prize package – she was picked as a random member out of 15,000.

Here is her story about what brought her to Diet Doctor:

The story

I won, woohoo!

Thank you for the honor and the great prizes!

When I turned 40, I got the book called “Jag vill ju bara se bra ut naken” (“I Just Want to Look Good Naked”) by Jonas Colting. Provocative text that completely overthrew everything I’d learned about diet while studying to become a health educator! Under the heading “Question the Diet Guidelines” was a link to Diet Doctor and that’s how I found you.

I used to go to dance practice every week, but a painful knee eventually put an end to that, and after about a year of assessments I got the diagnosis psoriatic arthritis (an autoimmune disease). It was explained to me that this is an incurable disease but that it can be less painful with medications…

And to maintain my weight, I ate strict low-carb, high-fat.

I read the “Low Carb, High Fat Food Revolution” and bought several paperback editions of it and handed them out to friends and family. Some of them I even put post-it notes in, to strengthen the message! The easiest, most truthful and clear documentation of a diet, which I can’t understand that people are still questioning!

To make it even easier, I started doing intermittent fasting, 16:8, which means I ate dinner in the evening and the next meal was lunch the day after. I always maintained my weigh and felt great.

In an attempt to become completely free of symptoms and start attending dance practice again, I had to remove dairy products completely, they turned out to be a big culprit! The effect of removing them came immediately, I used to eat a lot of heavy whipping cream and excluding that had the biggest impact.

Today, at 44, I eat a strict autoimmune paleo diet, have lost even more weight, health markers are great and my joints feel fantastic! I’m still doing intermittent fasting and can’t for the life of me remember what an “old-fashioned” breakfast tastes like. :-) I’ve started weight training, stopped using half of my medications and hope to re-introduce certain foods into a low carb, high fat diet… which, to me, is the dream diet!!

The work you, Andreas, do is so great that I believe that we’ll have to look back upon these years in the future, it’s impossible to comprehend the extent of it here and now. A true food revolution! Great to be a part of it. ;-)

Sari Biström


Congratulations Sari!

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