Are You at Risk for the Dreaded ‘Avocado Hand’?

Avocado with fresh ingredients

Eating a lot of avocados on your low-carb diet? This could be dangerous. Not because of the high fat content (that’s absolutely fine). No, there’s another reason. You just put yourself at a surprisingly high risk for the serious injury ‘avocado hand’:

The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons is now calling for safety labels on the fruit, advising people on how to cut them safely.

“Avocado hand” injuries are much worse than just small cuts though, many people have caused themselves serious nerve and tendon injuries which require surgery and can leave you without full use of your hand.

It’s a heavy price to pay for an Instagrammable brunch.

This article contains a guide on how to safely cut an avocado:

Independent: ‘Avocado Hand’: The Serious Injury Caused by Brunch Fruit’s Popularity


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  1. cavenewt
    You don't need a knife to slice up an avocado. Cut it in half and scoop out bite-size pieces with a spoon. Done.
  2. Karetha
    Use a knife that isn't sharp. Use a spoon to dig the seed out. Safe and easy!
  3. G Karr
    Cut the avocado around horizontally, pull it open, squeeze and the seed pops out. Then scoop the fruit out with a spoon. If you need little chunks, now you can slice it on a cutting board. So much easier. The other way, that dang seed just doesn't want to come out.
  4. Yvonne Harris
    I hand peel my avocado like an orange the skin peels off so easily and then I thin slice it all around shaving till core exposed and that's it . Eat and enjoy, never messy and learning the feel an texture is very important for great taste along with cuts, slice's or creamy. Love my Avocado ?
  5. Yvonne Harris
    Have a great avocado Day
  6. Eugenia Concha
    Ask the american (real american, as mexicans, peruvians), people how they have eaten avocados for centurys, without been injured.
    Unless this is a British joke.
  7. Sandra
    I'm confused.......everywhere I look on the internet maintains that avocado's have anywhere from 12 to 20 carbs each! This is the only site I can find that says they have 2 carbs each. What?????
  8. Sal
    It's because fiber makes up most of avocado's total carbs. Non-keto sites don't care about subtracting the fiber but on a keto diet you don't count the fiber.
  9. Wendy P
    So avocados are ok on the strict keto? I love my avocados but I want to keep my carbs under 20 a day.

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