Low-carb app for diabetes approved by NHS

Zooming in on a healthy recipe

The UK National Health Service (NHS) has approved an app with a low-carb diet program for type 2 diabetes. This is one more validation of the safety and effectiveness of low-carb diets for treating type 2 diabetes!

Diabetes.co.uk: Low Carb Program app approved by NHS Digital

As we have written earlier, type 2 diabetes rates in the UK are escalating quickly, and the NHS is looking for ways to reverse this trend. According to Diabetes.co.uk, the NHS-approved Low Carb Program app will provide people with type 2 diabetes with necessary tools to track weight and blood glucose levels. But the real focus is food:

It provides people with type 2 diabetes with the opportunity to make lifestyle changes, chiefly by eating a real-food diet, to help improve their health.

Diet Doctor collaborator Dr. David Unwin who helped develop the Low Carb Program App adds:

I reversed my diabetes on a low carb diet. I don’t get any money from inventing the app. I’m just happy to see patients stop their diabetes.

Another option

If you are looking for help with a low-carb diet, we have our very own app, Diet Doctor Eat, that was just launched earlier this week! Our app contains the full arsenal of our 600+ delicious low-carb and keto recipes, all beautifully photographed and organized in a smart-phone friendly, easy-to-view format. This part of the app is free for everyone. It is a perfect additional resource for those using low-carb eating plans to reverse or improve type 2 diabetes.

Download Diet Doctor Eat here:

Diet Doctor Eat - App Store

Diet Doctor Eat - App Store


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  1. Jackson
    I would like to launch this app on my Android phone. This is crucial for all phone users. Please adapt for us also. It would be much appreciated.
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    Need app for Android phone ASAP.
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    Im an andriod user who would greatly benefit from this app. I'm prediabetic and I'm struggling with reversing this horrible disease.
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    Pls create app for android user. I totally believe low carb is the only way to eliminate type 2 diabetes.
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  16. Desiree
    This is the app that was approved by the NHS: https://www.lowcarbprogram.com/ It is available for both Android and iOS. Diet Doctor is only available for iOS, but they failed to provide the link for the app that the article was actually referring to, only their own. Shocking, I know.
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  17. Desiree
    Correction: the link was provided following the first paragraph, but resembles an ad or clickbait so it is easy to scroll past. The article then transitions to an advert for the diet doctor app (complete with a "download now" button) which is not the app approved by NHS, but it appears to be if one fails to read carefully.
  18. Dave Anderson
    The is an awesome amount on the internet about 'keto' add to this MyFitnessPal to note your fat, protein & carb intake..... Add to this a fitness tracker like a Garmin/Fitbit type device and you will be able to see exactly how you are doing.... It seems complicated and daunting at first but a few days of internet research will be worth it's weight in gold if you're looking to go the keto/lchf router.....good luck.
  19. Karl Young
    Bit of a cheap article. Should have linked to the app you're talking about. Cheap shot at promoting your own app.
  20. Louisa
    The app that was approved by the NHS is https://www.lowcarbprogram.com/ available on Android and iOS. It’s shameless Diet Doctor is using this positive news to plug their own app.
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    Great step for the UK NHS. Please could you share a link to the app that was approved.
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