Low-carb app for diabetes approved by NHS

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The UK National Health Service (NHS) has approved an app with a low-carb diet program for type 2 diabetes. This is one more validation of the safety and effectiveness of low-carb diets for treating type 2 diabetes!

Diabetes.co.uk: Low Carb Program app approved by NHS Digital

As we have written earlier, type 2 diabetes rates in the UK are escalating quickly, and the NHS is looking for ways to reverse this trend. According to Diabetes.co.uk, the NHS-approved Low Carb Program app will provide people with type 2 diabetes with necessary tools to track weight and blood glucose levels. But the real focus is food:

It provides people with type 2 diabetes with the opportunity to make lifestyle changes, chiefly by eating a real-food diet, to help improve their health.

Diet Doctor collaborator Dr. David Unwin who helped develop the Low Carb Program App adds:

I reversed my diabetes on a low carb diet. I don’t get any money from inventing the app. I’m just happy to see patients stop their diabetes.

Another option

If you are looking for help with a low-carb diet, we have our very own app, Diet Doctor Eat, that was just launched earlier this week! Our app contains the full arsenal of our 600+ delicious low-carb and keto recipes, all beautifully photographed and organized in a smart-phone friendly, easy-to-view format. This part of the app is free for everyone. It is a perfect additional resource for those using low-carb eating plans to reverse or improve type 2 diabetes.

Download Diet Doctor Eat here:

Diet Doctor Eat - App Store

Diet Doctor Eat - App Store


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