“I only wish I had known what I know now 10 years ago”

Before and after

Before and after

Tyler was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 19. During the next decade he gained a lot of weight following the official dietary guidelines, needed more and more medications, and got all kinds of health issues. Something felt wrong.

Recently someone recommended him to check out the Diet Doctor website, and he decided to try low-carb and intermittent fasting. Here’s what happened:

The E-Mail

Hello, my name is Tyler. I am from Omaha, Nebraska. I’m 30 years old.

I was diagnosed when I was 19 years old with type 1 diabetes, and I have been using basal bolus therapy with an insulin pump for over 10 years. My diabetes was discovered when I was in surgery prep for a triple disc replacement and back fusion. I suffered from degenerative discs and injured myself during my freshman year playing college football.

I have spent the last 10+ years under the dietary guidelines provided by my doctors and dietitians only to gain over 100 lbs (45 kg) and develop serious insulin resistance. I was then prescribed more insulin and three oral medications. None of this felt right and I continued to gain weight. I suffered from depression, sleep apnea, low energy, head aches, and high blood sugar. My wife and three young daughters suffered the most as my health continued to slowly decline.

I recently had a conversation with the chef that runs our employee kitchen at the health care facility where I am a systems engineer. He recommended checking out Dietdoctor.com and Dr. Jason Fung. This began my journey to better my health on June 15th, 2016. I jumped right in switching to an LCHF diet and block fasting.

I started weighing 332 lbs (150 kg) and was 39% body fat with an HbA1c of 9.4. In 6 weeks I have lost 40 lbs (18 kg) and am now 32% body fat! I have not yet had my HbA1c checked but am sure it is going to be greatly improved as my blood glucose levels are rarely over 200 mg/dl (11 mmol/l). I have reduced my total intake of insulin by 50-75% and no longer take any oral medications.

I have honestly not had many challenges as the encouragement from friends, results I can see everyday, and the way I feel are no comparison to giving up sugar/carbs and disciplining myself to consistent fasting.

I can not say I was without any knowledge or information on what or how to start this journey. I only wish I had known what I know now 10 years ago. My goal is to reach 250 lbs (113 kg) by the end of 2016 and continue to give more of my new-found energy to my wife and kids.

Feel free to share all of this email including pictures and my name. You can choose what pictures you feel work best. The before pictures are from April and May 2016.

Thanks you for all the work you are doing. I know all of the professionals that are behind the LCHF and fasting movement have risked a great deal speaking out against the main stream information. I am forever grateful for those that have been brave enough to tell the truth.

If you have any questions feel free to ask as I am open to sharing my story to help others. I look forward to sending more updates in the future!



Congratulations on finding something that works much better for you Tyler. I look forwards to an update!

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