“The best of it all is that I’m free of pain”



Suzzanne was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after a long period of painful aches all over her body. She was in so much pain that she could barely walk when she found low carb, high fat. Here’s what happened:

The email

Hi Andreas,

I read about Denise who became healthy and free from her illnesses by eating the right food. I’d like to tell you about myself and my body.

In 2008, I became depressed. At the same time, my feet started aching. It felt like I was walking directly on my bare bones. I had to take small, small steps. I could never walk too far away with my dog, because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go back home again.

And then, I started to have pain in different parts of my body. It could be a very small spot on my thigh… my arm… my calf. Anywhere. This pains was horrible. I couldn’t do anything about it, so I was forced to suffer through the pain until it went away. Sometimes my buttocks ached so badly that I couldn’t sit nor lie down. Every place where there are muscles, I was in pain. I mean literally everywhere, even my private parts ached.

In 2006 I became lactose intolerant. I started eating lactose-free products. My digestive system had been suffering from cramps for a couple of years by then, and I couldn’t get rid of them. In 2009 I was referred to a course in how to handle pain. There I met a psysician who examined me and gave me the diagnosis fibromyalgia. At that point I was having horrible pain attacks, even in my tongue. Sleeping through an entire night was a luxury. Or I ended up sleeping well, but still felt terribly exhausted.

In 2013 I read about low carb, high fat. I read that there were people who had eaten themselves healthy. But the thing that caught my attention was the weight loss. I didn’t really think the pain would go away and by then I was used to being in such great pain. I was aching all over.

During this time, I had a couple of biliary colic attacks, which I thought was fibromyalgia. In the end, I was admitted to the hospital. They did an x-ray on me and saw stones in there, so they removed my gallbladder through surgery. I was also hit by appendicitis, which I also thought was the fibromyalgia. The year after my appendix burst, so I was put in the hospital once more. The doctor who removed it told me I had had an inflammation. I couldn’t tell what was fibromyalgia and what wasn’t.

When I started eating low carb, high fat I could barely walk without pain. Almost immediately I felt the improvements. After 2 months, I was free of all my symptoms! No pain episodes either. This was amazing!

Although, I love baking. Both bread and sweet baked goods. Saffron buns and Danish crullers are my favorites. I did continue eating low carb, but I sometimes baked. Even if I gave most of it away, I did eat some of it. My digestive system was sensitive to lactose. At least I tought it was, anyway. During Christmas 2014, my GI tract was really upset. The cramps were back. As soon as I ate something, it passed right through.

I suffered pain attacks all over my body. I started to think that maybe it was the milk protein I was reacting to. I called up a friend who had also gotten healthier on low carb. She had read that if you were gluten intolerant, sometimes this also makes you intolerant to milk protein. She advised me to stay away from everything containing gluten and all dairy products for six months.

Of course, you probably already guessed what happened. My digestive system healed itself. Instead of dairy products, I used coconut cream. Soy milk and soy cream didn’t work. My stomach reacted to them and even today I get nauseous from soy products.

My digestive system got well! The cramps disappeared. I was feeling good! After six months, I started to carefully re-introduce milk products. It went sort of okay. As as I didn’t eat any gluten, I was fine. Today, some dairy products work, although not heavy whipping cream.

But my body! I’m not in pain anywhere today.

If I eat wheat flour, the pain attacks will be there instantly, I’ve noticed that this also applies to gluten-free products. I tried eating candy a while ago. Heart palpitations and heartburn were my rewards for that experiment. I had cravings for sugar and also after other kinds of carbohydrates. It started when I ate too many carbs. So today, I am fairly strict, around 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. I don’t have any cravings for neither sugar, nor other kinds of carbs.

The best of it all is that I’m free of pain! I wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep. I am well rested and alert. I’ve even started exercising again. Life is wonderful! Now there are no limits. I used to never know how I would feel each day. Today, I know.



A big congratulations to you, Suzzanne, for having managed to eat yourself healthy and free of pain! Gluten is often the big, bad villain in dramas like this.

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  1. Birgitta Höglund
    Thanks for sharing your story , Suzzanne.
    I've had similar problems from Fibromyalgia, my pain, fatigue, migraine disappeared almost completely 7 years ago, when I started on glutenfree LCHF.
    You can read more about that here:
  2. dolores
    Thank you for sharing Suzzanne. It is wonderful to know that complete healing is possible with lchf. I went cold turkey since the first day. No sugar and no carbs (only lettuces ) and my two years insomnia disappears in a few weeks. I feel so happy about that i am not interested in carbs or sugar anymore.
  3. Ramona
    Thank you for sharing! I am just beginning my LCHF journey, and have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is very encouraging to hear about your success!
    Reply: #12
  4. Carolyn
    amazing! Thanks!
  5. Jen
    Thanks for sharing your story Suzzanne, inspirational to some one like me just starting out. I did want to mention, and hope you get this message, with regards the runny tummy/lactose/gluten intolerance. My dad has IBS and we've struggled with it for a number of years - avoiding all dairy and gluten products as these were big triggers, then my daughters partner developed IBS and we found an uncanny link between my Dad (now 98) and my daughters 22 years old partner - they both have had their appendix out. It transpires that appendix, seemingly far from the vestigial organ previously thought it is in fact where many of the bodies good bacteria are manufactured. By taking a massive dose of probiotics (proper stuff that actually reaches the gut rather than being killed off in the stomach) both my dad and son in law have had their symptoms reduced by a hefty 95%. No more dashing to the toilet or uncomfortable bloating - only mention this in case it would help you as you've helped me by sharing your story :) Thanks again Jen
  6. Jacie Anderson
    I too have pretty much put my FM into remission over the last 9 months by doing LCHF.
    I have pretty much rectified the CFS that goes with it too
    Thanks for sharing your story Suzzanne
  7. EJW
    I don't have fibromyalgia but I have had stomach issues and some pain in the tissue around my elbows and knees. Years ago I remember having pain everywhere! Anyway, first I cut out fructose because of stomach issues, which helped. Then I started the LCHF diet two weeks ago to lose weight and went to lactose-free cream and yoghurt just to cut carbs. Anyway, the end result was that the tenderness in my tissues around my elbows and knees is totally gone on this LCHF diet! It is such a relief to feel normal again, without pain!
  8. sally
    Wow! Amazing, I have problems when I eat bread too!! I'm embarking on this tomorrow , yes I need to lose weight , but the main reason is to hopefully get rid of health issues, ibs, joint pain and skin rashes.
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  10. Lisa
    have literally started (2 weeks ago) not even properly, but have cut gluten, refined sugar (still have honey) and other processed foods from diet and within 3 days my brain fog went away and now the heaviness to muscles has gone, i still have pain/discomfort but it is reducing. i will likely continue to refine diet as i go, starting to reduce amt of honey in tea/coffee/egg muffins etc because i already feel the best i have in over 10yrs. Well done on your diet and improvements in your health, hopefully they are ongoing
  11. Tan bee ling
    If only I have serendipitously stumbled on your webpage much earlier, I would have salvaged my job and regained my life. I have been battling with this nagging war of pain and misery for the last 5 years after my recovery from hyperthyroidism. Physical exertion is strongly prohibited and I have to limit the daily amount of walking required by my job, otherwise I am literally a prisoner of my own home. The painkillers could hardly exert much positive effect. I am even diagnosed with bipolar hypomania instead of the right treatment for my chronic pain. Upon my recent resignation gaining more leisure hours, I get to read a few books about the truth of fats, why we are fat, good and bad calories and my health is then given a 180 degrees turn. The high fats low carb diet is a wonderful godsend and I am never so healthy and energetic in my pain-free life now. However, it is very difficult to convince and proselytize those who still much prefer to suffer in the erroneous 'healthy carb, bad fats' endorsed society. They are so intransigent that they rebuff vehemently and close their mental doors tightly. It will take time for their clouded judgement and dim perception about the harmful effects of sugar starchy carbs to be clear. Lets hope they will learn the truth one day.
    Thank you for being the few rare and wise a proponent of high fats low carb in the ocean of mist.
  12. Eve Campbell
    How did you get on any improvement?
  13. Rosemary
    Recommend you get a blood test for the gene HLA B27. See this link ... https://paleozonenutrition.com/2011/02/12/auto-immune-disease-hla-b27... It is a real light bulb moment when this makes sense :-)

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