“I know for sure that sugar destroys”



Denise suffered from a terrible joint pain that had spread from her shoulders to other joints in her body. She saw no way out and the doctors could not find out what was wrong with her.

One day she just happened to watch a science show on TV – and then she found the solution herself:

The Email

Hi Andreas!

Thank you for a great website! I have huge issues with sugar and simple carbohydrates and I want to share what I have gone through. A miracle from my and my family’s perspective. A long story, but it has changed my life.

I am a 21-year old woman of normal weight. I have done weight lifting since I was 16, 3-5 days a week, very strict. I have always kept fit and believed that I ate a healthful diet.

My journey began when I was 17. I studied Fisheries and Maritime Technology in high school, and we had several internships on a sail ship. In 2011 I was supposed to be at sea for 2 months, but this didn’t happen. There was a lot of hard work onboard – hoisting heavy sails, knocking rust off, paint, bad sleep and this all took a toll on my poor body. We also had a poor chef onboard, which made all students, including myself, eat candy, chips and drink soda like never before. After one month at sea I felt my joints aching. I didn’t pay much attention as I figured the pain came from the hard work onboard. But the pain got worse until it became unbearable and I almost collapsed from the pain.

I was taken to a doctor, who said I had inflammation in both shoulders and that I needed to go home to Sweden. I was given anti-inflammatory medication and told to go and see a doctor when I got back to Sweden. I had less pain with the medication (I had also not had any candy in a few days), but I went to see a doctor. He said the same thing, that the inflammation was because of the hard work, the poor sleep and the cold weather (I was cold a lot). I was prescribed new pills.

Months went by, but the pain never went away. I quit training, and after five months I went to the doctor again. More pills that didn’t help. More doctors, x rays, blood work, but they never found anything. More pain killers. The pain was horrible and I couldn’t sleep. My mood went up and down, and I was irritable.

In 2013 I started to exercise again, and did not make the pain any worse. So I ignored the doctors and started lifting weights again, and the pain did not get worse. I thought that I had to simply live with the pain. With poor sleep. With mood swings. What could I do? I was so used to this, it was part of my life. I ate what I thought was healthful food, and only had candy and soda less than twice a month.

2014 was one of my worst years. My pain started to move around in my body, and I got scared and frustrated. It spread to my knees, my ankles, my wrists, my finger joints, my back, my hips and I had no idea why. It did not all come at the same time, it moved around from one joint to another every other month. I went to the doctor – and was again just given anti-inflammatory pills.

By this time I started to diagnose myself, and what made most sense was that it was some kind of rheumatoid issue. The doctors refused to refer me because I was “too young” and my symptoms didn’t match. They wanted me to do some physiotherapy for months. They guaranteed that I’d get better, but could not tell me that I’d have total recovery.

I went to specialists, and I went back to the primary physician, but the only thing that came out of it was a doctor who said “there’s nothing wrong with you, go to a psychologist”. I broke down. What was wrong with me?! Why wasn’t there a single doctor, physiotherapist or specialist who could help me? I refused to see another doctor. It had been hopeless and I didn’t want to waste more time on it.

Now to the miracle. In April 2015 I happened to watch a science show on our gut flora, which is so affected by what we eat. I tried eliminating all sugar and all simple carbohydrates from my diet. In just a few days my pain was completely gone. It had never been completely gone before. I had energy, was happy and slept like a baby. Wow, I thought, can this really be true, or is it just a coincidence? Can it happen so quickly? After a month without sugar, pain free, I had some soda and candy to see if the pain would come back. When I woke up the next morning I felt like I had been out partying all night, like the worst hangover ever. My joints ached, my head was throbbing with pain and I was so tired. Again, wow! This was and is amazing and incredible. After this I continued to eliminate all simple carbohydrates and sugar from my diet and the pain went away.

I had no knowledge of this before, and I had probably never found it if it weren’t for my joint pain. So in a way, my joint pain is the best thing that has happened to me. I know for sure that sugar destroys. My family became very influenced by my experience, they have seen my change in reality and now they too are eating a low-carb diet. My mom is 60 and have always had a few extra pounds around the middle. Now, efter eight months, she has lost those extra pounds and is happier than ever.

Today, a year later, I am completely pain free, as long as I stay away from the white poison. Sometimes I have cheat days, but then I know that the pain will go away in a few days.

I almost want to cry out of happiness when I think of this, going from sometimes not being able to get out of bed to now being able to do what I want every day is amazing. To wake up rested, full of energy and like a new person every day is amazing.

I just wanted to share my miracle.



A huge congratulations to you, Denise! Sugar affects us in several ways – and, no, it doesn’t always have to result in obesity. It must be amazing for you to be rid of your constant ache and free of the depression!

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  1. Pierre
    I would like to know what kind of shit she was eating, I guess she was starting the day with healthy whole grains.

    Sugar is very good to screw up your pancreas, but the attack of the cells around the joints is the job of wheat.

    Reply: #2
  2. Apicius
    I also wonder if there was the wrong type of fat in her diet, like margarine and vegetable oil.
  3. Julie, Liverpool UK
    Just what I needed to see; trying lchf at the moment, just for pain free joints etc......xxx
  4. dolores
    What a nightmare Denise specially for a young girl. I have to tell you have been brave listening to your body and trusting your experience. There are lot more people who prefer to believe everything specialist doctors tell them instead of trust themselves and questioning "experts".
    Well done i feel happy for you and for us because it is by the example of one how the rest start to change. Bravo! Saludos from Spain
  5. Alan
    Denise did you take fluoroqinolone antibiotics (such as ciprofloxacin, or levofloxacin) before the full body joint pains?
  6. Fiona
    Sugar consumption always sets off a flare up of my arthritis.
  7. 1 comment removed
  8. Bert
    Being a sugar addict all my life and suddenly cut all refined sugars including simplex and, complex carbs.
    I feel great and never better in my life. At 48 I have never been below the 200 lbs mark and for the first time in many years I am 195, this after 2 months.
    The weight came off like melting butter.
    No more stomach pain, pressure.
    LCHF has worked wonders for me.
    No more migraines, headaches joint pain stomach pain.
    Added the wife to it and she is down 45 Lbs :) feels and looks great pre-children body :)
    Not to mention feeling better with the weigh reduction and more energy.
    I remember my mother cooking with whole fats when I was a child and we now have veered from that.
    She was on to something from her native Italy however, the north American influence has taken its toll.

    Funny thing I DON'T miss it (huge for an Italian family)
    *Keep up the great work Andreas:)*

  9. Alice
    Hi Andreas. Do you know of research evidence for carbs and arthritis /arthralgia? Thanks
  10. Shekhar
    Hi my wife had exactly the same problems and she too had faced similar frustrating trips to the doctors and physio therapy sessions but she has been on keto diet for over two months now and had improved drastically. She had been so use to the pain that living a pain free life was something that has encouraged her to stay away from carbs and sugar. In addition to reduced pain she has lost 14kgs of weight and feels fitter than ever. Thank you for sharing your story, best wishes from both of us.
  11. Sanna

    I'm 38yrs woman, on LCHF about two weeks. My joint pains also disappeared almost instantly!
    I have had an ankle operation wich led to wrong stance, and from that followed hip pain, lower back pain, knee pain.. Tried to correct that with insoles, fysiotherapy, but to no avail. Pains started to spread, had trouble sleeping, had to think how to sit and pop a pain pill more often.

    Second day on strict LCHF, pains just disappeared! I was quite amazed. Now sleeping soundly and going pain-free! Maybe pains were more about wrong eating than wrong stance anyway. I have not had a significant amout of weight to lose, but little extra is coming off as a nice side effect.

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