‘We Are Very Worried’ Former Royal Doctor Demands Statins Inquiry

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Could the risks of cholesterol-lowering statins outweigh the benefits? Is the research on these drugs fatally biased, as it was funded and carried out by statin manufacturers in a way that would be “totally unacceptable” today?

That’s what a new study claims. The UK Queen’s former doctor is calling for an independent inquiry – and here’s what UK cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra says:

These are truly disturbing findings and fit in with the concept that all industry-sponsored studies should be seen as marketing until proven otherwise.

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  1. Jeff C
    Good article. The tide is turning on statins, but it's happening due to work of fed-up doctors and the patients themselves, not the medical establishment.

    The comments that this would be "totally unacceptable" today is a stretch. The same conflicts of interest exist with little condemnation from those in charge. Public shaming is starting to have an effect (e.g. the Coca Cola Global Energy Balance fiasco), but "slightly less acceptable" is more accurate. Much more work to do. Kudos to Dr. Malhotra though, he has been great.

  2. Pierre
    Here in Canada thay still promote statins.
    They also say meat and dairy are bad because of the saturated fat.

    In french.

    Découverte : SUCRE ET GRAS


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